Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New depths.

I have ranted about the stupidity of reality TV in the past, but this one is just sick.

Endemol, the 'brains' (I don't think that's the right word) behind shows like Big Brother, have set up a new show in Holland. If you're holding anything, put it down now.

The show is called 'The Big Donor'. It consists of one terminally-ill woman and three patients in need of kidneys. I'm not kidding here.

The woman has to choose which of the contestants will get her kidneys when she dies. In effect, she gets to choose who lives and who doesn't from the contestants she meets. The contestants are, in a very literal sense, fighting for their lives.

Now, if anyone can come up with a more depraved idea for a television show, I will be amazed. I will not only take my hat off to you, I'll put on another hat and take that off too.

What happens if one of these contestants is offered a kidney through proper, medical sources during the show? Are they required to decline, in the name of entertainment? What happens if the terminally-ill woman is cured? Does she still have to hand over her kidneys?

Has anyone considered the psychological effects, for both donor and contestant, of this twisted scenario?

I won't laugh at reality TV any more. It's now beyond a joke.


Southern Writer said...

That's disgusting.

Romulus Crowe said...

It's car-crash TV. The show is set to air in Holland on Friday. I hope nobody watches it - if it gets good ratings, they'll do it again. Or worse.

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