Thursday, May 31, 2007

6. Virgo.

Yes, Virgo. No snickering at the back.

SW - I'll be in touch when I find that birth certificate. I remember the date and the place but didn't note the time. Well, I was very young when it happened.

Do you do your best to be neat and tidy?

‘Do your best’ is definitely subjective. I could argue that I do my best, but that my best isn’t especially good in this case. Instead I’ll just say no.

Do you like to do things properly?

Well… there’s no point doing something unless you’re doing it properly. That usually means buying new tools so yes, I like to do things properly.

Is worrying second nature to you?

Not even tenth. In fact, it doesn’t even make the list. Worrying doesn’t fix anything.

Do you put other people’s needs before your own?

I suppose I have to answer these honestly. No.

Have you ever been told that you underestimate your abilities?

No, because I don’t. If I don’t know how far my abilities extend, I try them out until they reach no further.

Do a lot of people rely on you?

Why would they? I never rely on them.

Are you methodical?

‘Methodical’ means working through a problem step by step, rather than the more sensible approach of testing later steps to see if they work, thereby removing the need to bother with the earlier steps. It’s a no.

Are you a bit of a nagger?

I don’t think so, but then how many naggers would admit to that? I’ll tell people once. If they continue to get it wrong, that’s their problem. I don’t think I’m a nagger.

Have you got lots of nervous energy?

I’ve met people who are described in this way. They look like they have a disease of the nervous system, or they’ve overdosed on espresso. That’s not me.

Do you get caught up in too much detail sometimes?

I suppose so. That happens in science, we can get caught up in the fine detail and not see the whole picture at first. I’ll give that a yes.

A very definite non-Virgo result according to the book. I’m not a Virgo. Stop snickering at the back there!

Halfway through. I hope I can stay interested long enough to finish.

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