Wednesday, May 30, 2007

4. Cancer

I know I said one a day, but that'll take too long. So, two today.

Can you put the past behind you without a qualm?

Without even a qualmette. Past is past, can’t be fixed, can’t be changed, no point worrying about it.

Is it difficult for someone to hurt your feelings?

They can try, but they’re likely to find I’m better at it than they are. That’s a yes then.

Are you happiest in your own company?

A difficult one. I can be happy in my own company, but I have also been known to waste a good rage when there’s nobody around to take the brunt of it. On the whole though, yes.

Where food is concerned, can you take it or leave it?

Huh? Eating isn’t optional unless you’re a catwalk model. I’ll say no.

Do you find it easy to end relationships?

I find they generally end themselves. See first question. I’ll say yes.

Do you tan easily?

No, but I can do a great lobster impersonation after too much time in the sun. Surely this has more to do with complexion than birth sign though?

Are you very tidy?

Let me look around…no.

Generally speaking, do you like being away from home?

I can’t do my job by staying at home, but I do have a preference for being on my own turf. Overall, it’s a no.

Is it difficult for you to shed tears?

Don’t know. I haven’t tried in a very long time. Since I can’t do it now, I’ll say yes.

Do you believe in travelling light through life?

Well… I believe in travelling light if I have to go somewhere, but my house is full of gadgets and other stuff, so…light through life…no.

I’m not a Cancerian, although I came closer to this one than to either Taurus or Gemini.

At this point I’m wondering whether another quiz, by another author, would yield similar results. Perhaps I’ll do another one, one day. Perhaps not.

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