Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teeth grinding time.

With the onset of dark evenings, the lab ghost is active again. I have been staying there very late and have been so frustrated that if the swine wasn't already dead I'd strangle him.

Tonight, another renter-of-labs (he works on solar power installations. In Scotland!) left at around 7 pm and said, on his way out, 'Watch out for the ghost'. He doesn't know why I'm there so late, so often. There are only so many 'crank' jibes you can stand to hear so it's best just to leave them in ignorance.

The ghost is well known among the occupants of the building. In winter it can be dark at 3 pm so it's not only the late-stayers who get to meet him. Long-term residents have called him 'Fred' but he doesn't interact so his real name isn't known.

The history - 'Fred' has scared many over the years but he's not doing anything scary. Lone workers late at night hear footsteps and voices. 'Fred' likes to slam doors that have been left open. He seems a bit obsessive about closing doors to unused rooms - as anyone who lived before central heating would be. Sometimes he's seen but never clearly enough for a description. He never pops out and goes 'boo', he rarely moves anything and never throws anything, he ducks out of sight if spotted and generally appears to be shy. He has shown no sign of being dangerous at all.

The lab block is built on the site of an old watermill that goes back centuries. There are no records of deaths in the lab block and so far, I can't find anything at all on the watermill. Part of the old building still exists but most is now modern. 'Fred's' range extends beyond the old watermill part so it's possible he was a farm worker in the fields surrounding the mill, or died in a house or farm building that was once here. I don't know yet.

Everyone in this place is aware of 'Fred'. Everyone. He is not restricted to psychics and mediums. He can get close to a full apparition. The swine will not speak to me and disappears as soon as he sees a camera. I know he can speak and I know he's not alone because there are conversations. Get the recorder out and they shut up.

There is no reason to be scared of 'Fred'. He has never done anything threatening. His range extends outside too, I've seen him out there, but he will not let me photograph him. He is not a 'recording' because he doesn't repeat actions, he is aware of the living, and he can interact. He just won't.

Catching him on film is going to be difficult. He's very good at avoiding cameras.

This is possibly the most challenging one yet.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Better Not-green than Dead.

Americans will remember the McCarthyite 'Better Dead than Red' slogan of the past, unless your history has been eradicated or politically modified just like ours. I have taken liberties with it which is the opposite of what any politician likes. After all, if we all started looking after ourselves, those poor useless politicians would all have to find real jobs and they just aren't suited to that.

There have been interesting developments in recent days. Smokers are to be punished. Fat people are to be punished. Now, if you don't worship the Green God of the Church of Climatology, you are to be pureed.

This is not for the faint of heart. It comes from people who call other people 'violent'. Keep that in mind while you watch the casual murder of those who disagree with the Green God's acolytes.

Nasty, eh?

Inspired by this Green polemic, I think I'll burn down a forest, ignite a gas field and hard-wire all the street lamps to permanently 'on'. If I was ever asked to describe the absolute worst way to persuade people to any cause, this video would cover it.

This comes on the same day that we learn the British scientific establishment has taken the first step to admitting Global Warming was all a con trick.

Those Green Men had better press their red button quickly because the sensible people are building a green one.

I'll press it.

Updated Oct 3rd:

The video vanished within hours and the YouTube version was made private. However, the Internet is an unforgiving place and YouTube now has an evil twin where nothing is censored or hidden.

So the video is still available, and the first 'adapted' versions are already appearing - there's one here.

Making blunders on the Internet is never a good idea.