Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another of those phone calls today.

The whining toady on the line did his best to convince me I could make a fortune buying up cheap land. Once they get planning permission, I could sell it again for a massive profit.

Now, if this simpering idiot has cheap land that's about to become expensive land, why does he want to sell it to me?

Simple. There's no chance of planning permission. None at all. The land is a bit of industrial wasteland somewhere, and it's worth less than he wanted me to pay.

I told him I'd take ten plots, to send all the information to me at this address, and to phone this number back next week.

I'm moving out tomorrow.

Friday, September 16, 2005

If the average IQ is 100, it follows that 50% of people have IQ's lower than 100.

One of them just commented on the post below. Probably one of the bottom 10%, I'd say.

Just a single line, a spam for an alleged dating site. I didn't go there. I suggest you don't either. The site name ends in random letters, which suggests it's temporary, a means of scamming suckers out of their money. It's likely to be full of viruses and spyware too.

Oh, of course, if you fancy a date with a warthog or a donkey, by all means visit. It's the best you're likely to get.

I'm not in a good mood today. Does it show? I'm trying to write up some work before I move house, and everything I need is already packed. Only a couple of weeks to go.