Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More fixing for the unbroken.

The UK's children are fast approaching the status of feral, and our government believes it's because they're all mentally ill.

Not because this same government have made children immune to any form of discipline (and no, discipline and abuse are definitely not the same thing).

Not because no adult dare even shout at one of these mini-miscreants without risking arrest and ending up on the sex offender's register. It's happened. It's not even uncommon. Interfering in one child's rightful pummelling of another can get you into serious trouble in the UK.

No, it's because our children are all bonkers. Rather like the mental stress and confusion experienced by undisciplined dogs, in fact. Any member of any group-focused species needs to know where it stands in the heirarchy. From top dog down, each member of the group knows who must be obeyed and who can be given orders. Lose that, and the group loses coherence. Our government's solution, as always, is to throw money at the problem. I wish I was enough of a problem that they'd throw some at me.

Deprive a dog of that information - who's boss in the household - and the dog will be confused and probably turn vicious.

Humans aren't all that different in that respect. The last few decades have proved that.

There's one line in the article that gives away much of what's wrong with the world:

"The emphasis must change from social class to social skills, self esteem and resilience if we are to give the next generation the chance they deserve."

This 'deserve' part is what irks me. It reinforces the culture of 'I am important, I must be respected even though I'm a spoilt, repellent little oik, I deserve... I deserve... I deserve...'

Nobody 'deserves' anything. If you work for something, it's yours, and well earned. You don't get it simply by existing. You work for it. You don't get food, water, clothing in real life unless you get off your bloody arses and earn it.

That's what we should be teaching children. The world isn't yours on a plate just because you've done it the honour of being born. You want things, you earn them. That's how you get on in life.

That's how you move up the heirarchy from base cur to top dog.

I'm glad I'm not a schoolteacher. I'd last five minutes before some whining PC cretin found a reason to have me fired, arrested or both.

Probably before I reached the classroom.


tom sheepandgoats said...

Watch out for the teaching of "self-esteem," also. They've been stressing that for a long time here, but I've recently read a reaccessment: that in order to have self-esteem, you have to have something to have self-esteem about. It doesn't exist in a vacuum.

I also read an editorial recently which made the point that since private schools acheive better results than public almost always, and since it costs over $9000. per pupil per year to educate a child, why not simply fold the public schools, turn education over to the private, and reimburse each family $9K per child, or perhaps pay the private school directly?

Could that ever happen? Don't hold your breath. It would require letting go control of curriculum, and I can't concieve of gov't ever doing that! Too many pet notions, social engineering tools, political correctness that would not be guaranteed if private ed took over.

Romulus Crowe said...

These days we hear of 'acquiring' or 'teaching' self-respect, respect for others, and other aspects of life.

Nobody is expected to 'earn' your respect any more. They expect it as an automatic right.

It's not. Not from me, anyway. If someone wants me to 'show them respect', they'd better be prepared to explain to me what they do that's so wonderful.

If what they do is anything related to politics or political correctness, they can save their breath. They've already blown it.

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