Wednesday, June 06, 2007

11. Aquarius.

Do you have a fear of being one of the crowd?

No fear at all. I’ll never be one of the crowd. I couldn’t bear it.

Would you break a rule or law if you didn’t agree with it?

A rule, maybe. A law, probably not. Since the question says ‘rule or law’, and I’d answer yes to rule, then my answer must be yes.

Is it sometimes difficult to fit in with other people?

No, I just keep out of their way. If this means – do I find it difficult to drag myself into those ludicrous situations often covered by the umbrella term ‘sociable’, then yes. Not so much 'difficult' though. More 'don't care to'.

Have you ever been told you’re contrary or an extremist?

I’ve never been called an extremist, and none of the other signs’ tests asked this. Are all extremists Aquarians? I have been called contrary, or words to that effect, so I’ll say yes.

Do you have set beliefs and opinions?

No, I am open to new information at all times. As long as it makes sense.

Do your opinions sometimes provoke controversy with others?

Pretty much all the time.

Do you consider yourself to be independent?

I am independent. There’s no need to consider it.

Do you sometimes wish you weren’t so tactless?

Here’s the presupposition question. I’m not tactless. I’m straightforward. Only those oversensitive idiots without the capacity of rational thought would refer to me as tactless. Since I’m not, I can hardly wish I wasn’t, so no.

Do you need plenty of time to yourself?

Yes. I have much more interesting things to do than spend time in idle conversation.

Do you pride yourself on being rational and logical?

This same question came up under Capricorn, and my answer is still yes, even though the phrasing of the question lacks logic.

My score for Aquarius came closer than any other to a match, but not as close as Aries, my actual sign. I must have elements of the Aquarius character too.

Only one left, and it’s the fishy one. I’m keen on fish as a food but wouldn’t want to be one. We’ll see…

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