Friday, June 01, 2007

7. Libra

Is it easy for you to make up your mind?

Yes. Although I will change my mind if presented with compelling evidence.

Are you good at saving money?

I save it, but I can’t say for sure I’m good at it. It doesn’t stay long. I’ll call that a no.

Are you happiest when you’re by yourself?

Happiest? Well, I’m happy enough by myself but I haven’t thought to examine which situation makes me happiest. I’ll say yes, but it’s an uncertain one.

Can you eat anything you want without putting on weight?

No. I hate people who can. They should be forced to wear lead weights.

Can you leave the house without checking to see what you look like?

I already know I’m me so why would I need to check? Yes, I can leave the house without checking to see if it’s really me going out.

Do you enjoy having rows?

Ah. Well. Yes.

Are you immune to a pretty or handsome face?

Mostly. An attractive salesgirl will hold my attention longer than some smarmy reptile in a suit. Her chances of selling me something I don’t really want are not good though.

Are you indifferent to what people think of you?

Absolutely. If such things concerned me I’d have serious trouble doing what I do. Any paranormal investigator who isn’t immune to a little name-calling won’t last too long.

Do you enjoy being on the go from morning to night?

Not really. I have a liking for a coffee break now and then.

Do you frequently lose your temper?

Here we go with the damn temper thing again. Is this woman getting at me or what? So what if I might throw a rage once in a while? It helps to keep the circulation going. It’s good for me.

Okay, I didn’t match with Libra. I’ll leave it at one for today because I have something else to do.

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