Sunday, June 03, 2007

9. Sagittarius.

Since I didn’t post one yesterday, I’ll do two again today to catch up.

Do you wish you were less clumsy and cack-handed?

If someone asked me this I’d deliver a decidedly non-clumsy, very accurate slap. This is the third (I think) question to presuppose a characteristic before asking. It’s rather like the old ‘Have you stopped beating your wife?’ spoof.

Do you sometimes confuse frankness with tactlessness?

There’s a difference?

Have you ever exaggerated a story to make it sound better?

No. Scientists are fitted with explosive devices in the neck which are triggered by exaggeration. If only…

Are you looking for more meaning in your life?

No, I think there’s enough to deal with without having some higher purpose added to my to-do list.

Do you enjoy being active?

I’m active but I don’t always enjoy it. I’ll give that a no, since it’s another question that assumes the characteristic first.

Are you adaptable?

Isn’t everyone? Working in a fluid subject like science means you have to be able to assimilate new ideas. Closed minds make pedagogues, not scientists.

Do you try to be philosophical when things go wrong?

No, I try to fix it. If I can’t, I dispose of it.

Are you always looking to the future?

Hmmm…no. The future doesn’t look so great. Besides, I have enough to do now. I’ll deal with tomorrow when it arrives.

Are you always keen to learn something new?

Yes, but then it’s my job, so that might not count.

Do you have good judgement?

Definitely. I’m always right.

I’m not Sagittarius, which is good because it’s far too long and fiddly a name to remember. It's the only one I had to check the spelling for.

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