Wednesday, June 06, 2007

12. Pisces.

Do you struggle to reach decisions?


Does your imagination ever run riot?

I have an active imagination, and sometimes it can fool me. Usually I can bring it under control fairly easily. I wouldn’t say it could run riot.

Do you wish you could be more tidy and organised?

Who says I’m not? Well, okay, I’m not. I have to give this one a yes.

Do you worry about your loved ones?

Not usually. If they’re in trouble, I’ll hear about it.

Are you sensitive to difficult atmospheres?

I can usually tell if there’s trouble brewing, so yes.

Do you have a low opinion of yourself?

No. I have a very low opinion of those who have low opinions of themselves. If they don’t think they’re worth my time, then why would I? What’s the point of being alive if you don’t think it’s worthwhile?

Do you sometimes wish you could run away from everything?

No, but sometimes I wish things would run away from me. Sometimes they do.

Are you anguished when you think you’ve hurt someone’s feelings?

Depends if I intended to do it. My favourite line of all time is by Jimmy Stewart in ‘Shenandoah’, where he tells someone “Well, I might as well tell you now, I can’t think of a darned thing you’re likely to say that I’d be interested in hearing”. I’m still waiting for my chance to use that one. If I hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally, I’d apologise then forget it. If I’m not likely to see them again, I’d probably skip the apology. Anguished? Never.

Do you associate certain pieces of music or smells with certain people or events in your life?

Can’t say that I do. It’s a no.

Do you procrastinate over things that scare you?

I procrastinate over things I don’t really want to do. Also, if that to-do list gets too long, the whole list gets ignored for a while until I work around to whittling a few things off it. Things that scare me don’t feature on my procrastination list. Those things, few that they are, are best dealt with quickly.

I’m a very poor match for a Pisces, it seems, so there’s nothing fishy about me.

That’s all of them. Tomorrow I’ll reveal how it came out.

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