Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interesting times.

I have a film of something but I'm reluctant to post it because I don't consider it particularly convincing. I keep watching it and thinking 'maybe...'

If I do post it, bear in mind that I am not convinced. The thing in my house is quiet at the moment but it's still around. I have to find a way to provoke it.

Anyway, Lionel Fanthorpe is in the news again. He is an ordained priest who has a healthy view of the paranormal, being simultaneously open and skeptical, and he presents cases in an entertaining and informative way.

Some of the things he's turned up in his latest survey are very interesting. For example, poltergeist effects are often explained as energies related to puberty, especially among girls. However, Reverend Fanthorpe's survey gives UK poltergeist reports a definite geographical bias to the south-east of the country. Now, the UK is a wierd place and getting wierder by the day, but we do not yet transport all children to the south-east until they have passed puberty (Since I live in the north, I'd be happy for that to become law). So if there was anything 'normal' hiding in these poltergeist reports, they should be evenly spread over the country.

However, if the ability of a ghost to perform poltergeist-like phenomena depended on, say, geology, then it would be concentrated in particular areas. Worth studying further, I'd say.

A lot of other reported phenomena are location-specific. Not just one location either. So maybe it's time to look for links between these locations.

That might give us a clue into a way to make spirit communication possible. They have little of use to tell us, but that's not the point. The proof is the point.


Southern Writer said...

Trying to get ahold of me? I have computer issues. I can check my gmail, but not my other mail. I wanna see that pic, so will you please send it to me at the address on my new blog? You know the one? It's in the sidebar ... where it says "How you can get ten minutes ..." Sorry to be such a bother.

Romulus Crowe said...

Hi SW.

Email problems this end. :( When any of these computer people say 'upgrades', I get a chill down my spine. 'Upgrade' is computer-speak for 'we're going to mess around with this and break it but it might be better when it works again'.

I cut the clip down to the flash of movement and I'll try posting that. I've also tried taking stills from the film but the image quality degrades so much that the already-vague shape just isn't worth seeing any more.

So I have to relearn an old video program that's lurking on another computer. It does better quality images but it's one of those that leaves you with an imprint of the keyboard on your forehead.

I'll put up the little clip tonight and see if anyone spots anything.

Regina said...

More humans live around Lake Superior than in the Death Valley. Maybe supernatural beings also have preferences.

Romulus Crowe said...

I'm sure they do, Regina.

I don't think ghosts are really 'tied' to a place. I think they're scared to leave. It's more a fear of losing familiar surroundings than any weird 'you must stay' rule.

And I don't think many graveyards are haunted. Nobody died in there.

I don't know how well ghosts 'see' each other. Maybe they congregate in certain places. Maybe there is something about certain places that they find especially comforting.

There is a lot still to do in this subject.

Romulus Crowe said...

SW - I can send the video clip but it's the same as the one here.

I'm still trying to get decent stills.

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