Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nothing works.

A frustrating few weeks. The last Full Moon brought a mass of activity but not one worthwhile photo or recording. I sometimes think they do it deliberately.

Since we've had rain like rods of water recently, I've been trying to revive my old Myspace and Facebook accounts. The Facebook one is attracting some interest from some odd sorts. I have a feeling I know which particular lunatic is responsible for that. He's harmless.

The Myspace account has gone completely dormant. Well, that seemed like a good time to mess around with it because nobody's reading it anyway (because I haven't added anything to it for so long).

I tried changing the background. It looked like it had worked but when I went back to the page, hey presto - it was exactly the same as before. I haven't worked out why.

Facebook - total blank. I can't find anything that changes anything!

It can be done. There are some spectacular pages on those sites. I don't have anything that ambitious in mind but perhaps it would be worth my while becoming a little more online-savvy. The standard pages just look like some kind of telephone directory.

As for Blogger, I'm scared to play with it in case I wreck the whole blog.

I think I'll mess around with Myspace first. It's a dead account anyway so nobody will notice if I turn it into something that looks like a sixties drug dream. If I do, I just hope I can remember how to turn it back.

Don't look yet.

(extra - Uh-oh. I just clicked an 'update' button on Myspace. Now it's gone all strange.)


Southern Writer said...
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Southern Writer said...

Facebook doesn't have a box of crayons like the other social sites. I don't think it's as fun, and after creating a myspace page that I really like, I've learned that myspace is really kind of deceased unless you're looking to hook up with someone. So, I was going to email this to you because I wasn't sure I would be welcome to leave a link here, but since we're on the subject, I've moved to WordPress. So far, I love it. You can see my page at

Romulus Crowe said...

Of course you're welcome to leave a link. I'll put it in the sidebar if you like (if I can remember how).

It looks good so far. Is it true you can't get birth records for non-relatives over there? I think, here in the UK, you can go to a record office in London and look up any birth or death certificate you like. A lot of people tracing their ancestry do that. I've never checked personally, but I think it's accessible to anyone.

It seems a bit futile to hide that information if it's in the newspapers anyway, but then governments don't do common sense any more. Ours don't even seem to do 'thought'.

I've considered a Youtube video but I think whatever I do is going to start with a weary 'I know you're not going to believe me anyway'.

One day.

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