Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smoking steam.

Or steaming smoke, whichever you prefer. I am back smoking again but not really. I have the electric cigar, which blasts nicotine in steam but has no tar, no phenolics, no particulates and in fact none of the lung-wrecking stuff of real cigars. Even so, it feels like smoking, it looks like smoking, it tastes like smoking and it's a hell of a lot more pleasant than sticking pointless patches on or chewing nicotine gum that tastes as if it's already passed through a stoat.

So I am content. I won't be mentioning this to any doctor or they'll have a fit. Enjoyment is illegal in the UK now.

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heyjude said...

American docs must be different - my sis told her doc she was trying them and he was glad she was doing something - ANYTHING - to cut down on all the deleterious effects of the ciggies.

How's it going?

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