Thursday, October 01, 2009


Over the last few days, the Email service I use has been upgrading their system. Which means I'm not sure what mail is going where, and if I don't respond, it might be that I haven't found it yet. It should settle down soon.

Our postal service is plagued with random strikes too. Can't get paper mail either!


astrologybites said...

It was Mercury (communications of all kinds, including newspapers) retrograde (going the wrong way= repeat and repeat) opposed to Uranus (computers and electronics). I swear, techies find the worst times to mess with electronics and computers! I've been having issues with my mail ever since that aspect completed. Last night, tech support uninstalled and reinstalled my email software three times. I thought it was fixed, but this morning, after my three hour nap, it's down again. They want to uninstall and reinstall again, and I said no. They're just wasting my time. Now I'm shopping for a new email provider. Because I can't open my email program at all, I'm asking my friends to send mail to my astrologybites@gmail address so that once I have a new email program (southernwriter will apparently die), I will have their addresses to add to my addy book. I hope when you get your problem straightened out that you will send me yours because I don't know it by heart.

Romulus Crowe said...

Well, my Email went through all sorts of chaos at the same time too. If I'd listened to you I might have taken precautions.

I finally managed to get to the place where the old Emails were and, like an idiot, hit 'download'. It downloaded everything on the server, not just the new ones. I have over 200 new mails, most of which are duplicates of old mails but some might not be so I'll have to check them all and delete them one by one.

Now the Email provider is testing a beta-version of the overall mail access system.

I think I might go out and kick a dog.

Astrology said...

Oh, no! Please don't kick a dog. It didn't do anything. Better to kick this little wench I work with. I'd love to stick her in a box and send her off somewhere--one way.

I should have been better prepared for those aspects, myself. I was concentrating more on Mercury (short-distance transportation) opposed to Uranus (accidents) than on Uranus (electronics).

Oh my goodness! You should see this verification: agodmeet. Would that be a church service?

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