Sunday, September 20, 2009

The haunter haunted.

I've annoyed something I shouldn't have and it's followed me home. The only sensible response to this is to set up video and trigger cameras in the room it's claimed as its own, and sleep in there to goad it into doing something. If only it had picked a more comfortable room.

I've seen it, it's pure white and unfriendly and has some impressive ability with suggestion and illusion but can't cause physical harm. At least, it hasn't so far. I don't think this is a human ghost.

The chance of obtaining evidence without having to sit outside in British weather... how could I resist?


heyjude said...

I posted a reply yesterday that hasn't shown up! ? ! ? ! ?

I hope you make it back - SOON - to update us.

ver: aphythna

Southern Writer said...

No! Really? How exciting! I can't wait to see the evidence! I'm so glad you're back. I missed you! Are you on top of the situation now? When do you think you might have something for us?

btw, I have a new blog. I'll email the address to you.

Romulus Crowe said...

Heyjude, Blogger can be like that sometimes. If I'm writing a long post or reply, I do it in Notepad and copy it in. Blogger can randomly lose stuff.

SW - It's an elusive little sod. I think I might have scared it by going looking for it instead of running away (which is what it'll be used to) because I was a little annoyed when it disturbed my sleep the first night. These things are always bullies and just like live ones, they're cowards.

It's still around. I'm not letting it out until it shows up on film.

It is very, very good at illusions. When it tried the 'wind' one (a lot of them try that) it really had me convinced I was lying in a wind tunnel and clutching the quilt. Once I broke the illusion, of course, nothing had really moved at all. Still felt cold, even though the quilt had never left me. (To break the illusion, all you need do is realise it's an illusion. Not always easy with the skilled ones.)

It's 3 am here. Its favourite time is around 5 am so I have to be pretending to sleep by then. Cameras are on again.

heyjude said...

sooooooo - how'd the next nite go?

also want a report on how the smoking steam is going. Just ordered a cigarette kit for a sis who can't quit

Romulus Crowe said...

The beastie is elusive but I have a clip that might or might not be something.

The steam smoke is working well for me. Best part - no ash, so no need for an ashtray. It feels like smoking, but without the mess.

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