Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A slow-burning fuse.

Lately, I have become more interested in the politics of this country, and of the world. It's something I've tried to ignore for most of my life but it's hard to avoid these days.

Scotland (where I live) has just released the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing because he was dying. That made no sense to me. Rather, it didn't, until it came to light that the London parliament (who still largely control Scotland) were involved.

If you want to see the most base, spite-driven, self-interested people on the planet, get over to Westminster when the public gallery is open. You won't believe what you see and hear in there.

The Scottish government is getting the blame because, we are told, 'it is a matter for Scottish foreign affairs'. What is less well publicised is that the Scottish parliament, a partial parliament still largely under the control of the main parliament in London, has no authority in foreign affairs. All that power remains with the London parliament. So Scotland might have been able to release him into Scotland but could not have brokered his return to Libya.

Now it appears the man's release was part of an oil deal set up by the London parliament.

I realise there is some doubt as to whether he was guilty or not, but that should be a matter for the courts to decide. Not the oil industry.

There is a wave of anger building in this country and in others. Actions like this, in which politicians of all stripes are dismissive and contemptuous of those who pay their wages, are becoming increasingly common and the anger is building. You can feel it in the street and in any public gathering now.

It's an unfocused rage. A subliminal fury. People aren't really sure what they are angry about but they know it's something worth blowing up over.

I see more and more people in a dream state these days. You know the dream. It's the one where you know something has happened, you can't tell what it is but you know for sure you're going to be absolutely furious when you find it. People are now in that state while awake. Something is nagging at the back of their minds and they know it's going to be bad. So they push it back and try to ignore it, but then another stupid law appears, another idiotic decision is taken and that nagging feeling is back, stronger, more insistent. Still they push it down.

So they don't see other people and bump into them, they step out into the road without thinking to check for traffic, all because they are distracted by that nagging thought that something is not right.

In some parts of the country, photographers are stopped and searched as if they were terrorists. In some places, households are forced to use smaller and smaller bins and fined if they overfill them. Petty, pointless and downright nasty laws appear by the day. Oh, people notice but they push it aside. This is Britain. It can't possibly be happening here. It can't possibly be true that five-year-olds are to learn about masturbation and abortion by legal obligation. Nobody can possibly believe that high-ranking Government ministers are personally teaching school children to sneeze into their sleeves.

No, something is not right but how can anyone accept what they see, when what they see is so far beyond the realms of the sensible that it cannot possibly be true?

It is true. All of it.

That realisation is going to hit people like a hammer some day soon. When it does, the Berserker gnawing away at their subconscious will be let loose.

I have a feeling that once it starts, there will be no stopping it.


Southern Writer said...

I agree. It's growing over here, too. I'm so disappointed in Obama for the way he's handled the financial crisis and the insurance overhaul that I want to scream. Instead of doing as he promised the Democrats who voted for him, he's trying to please everyone, and as we all know, when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. The people he appointed to cabinet positions are dealing with things "politics as usual" and there's been NO change. It's the same old shit, different year.

Romulus Crowe said...

We have an election next year and all parties seem to be doing their best to lose it. Not surprising considering the mess the country's in.

I can't remember who said this, but it's never been more true:

"It doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in".

We haven't had a civil war here since 1644. The conditions that led to that war are very similar to what's happening now. Thing is, we don't have a Cromwell now.

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