Sunday, October 22, 2006

Watching movies.

I've been rummaging on the Internet again.

Over on YouTube, I ran a search for 'infrared ghost' and came up with quite a few results. Now, there's no way to check back on what YouTube put up, so I can't vouch for the authenticity of any of the images there.

Many were films of orbs, and as everyone knows, orbs filmed with infrared digital cameras are bunk. Ignore them all.

A few other 'light anomalies', which are bits of hair or dust.

Some obvious fakes, some clearly done for a laugh rather than to attempt any kind of deception.

Some not-so-obvious fakes, and some suspect ones. One in particular appears to show a partial apparition but they were filming a tree sticking out of the pavement. Why would anyone do that?

And among all this, as I hoped, there were a couple that looked genuine. The child at the top of the stairs was one such. It's obviously from an investigation somewhere.

Yes, it's possible to fake it, but if this one is a fake, it's a really, really good one.


Southern Writer said...

How about links to the good ones?

Southern Writer said...

Never mind! I found it. That is awesome! How much more proof would a person need?

Romulus Crowe said...

I linked to that one because it's the best one on the site (that I found; there's a lot to trawl through there).

I thought it would be extremely hard to fake because the camera was moving the whole time, and obviously handheld. If you want to do a double-exposure you need the camera very steady, such as on a tripod. To fake this you'd need some seriously expensive computer gear, I think.

Aside from the excellent semi-transparent figure, It was heartening to see an investigator who didn't just run screaming at what he saw, and who ignored the dust floating around in his camera view.

This is one for the bookmarks, for sure.

Southern Writer said...

I noticed that, too. My impression was, "what a pro." I liked the way he politely asked if they could talk, or she could speak, or somthing like that.

There were two others that I was curious about (I've wasted hours there. Thanks a lot!). One was the other by the same guy - Electricaman... the Slimer ghost who sticks his head out from the doorway at the end of the hall and makes that dogawful noise; and the head that peers around the corner of the brick science building and disappears. That one was just a good trick, right? Probably a real person who ducked out of the camera's view as it went around the corner?

Romulus Crowe said...

Anything sticking its head round a corner looks like a Halloween prank to me. The daylight one was too solid (and too luminous yellow) to be anything but a prank. It was a well-done one though.

Likewise the too-luminous apparition at the end of the hallway. Jumping out and going 'Boo!' only happens in Deputy Dawg cartoons.

That one was posted by the same user but I'm sure it wasn't the same cameraman. In the 'top of the stairs' video, the cameraman ignores the dust that floats around, and reacts with calm at the sighting. In the 'boo' video, the camera is tracking the dust, and the cameraman runs scared at the sighting. He might have been set up for a joke.

It's a cruel joke. Funny, though.

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