Monday, October 30, 2006

The first victim...

First up for butchery is a Toshiba AI-420p, bought for £1.50 (about three dollars). It works, but does not record properly. It can still be used by putting its record signal out to a separate VCR, but is no use in its current state as a portable camera. I think the record heads are worn out.

Some superficial damage, but nothing serious. It's the least-likely of the three cameras I obtained to be returned to service, so I'll start with this one.

Using a miniature screwdriver and many bad words I eventually arrived at this point:

I still have a working camera, but I also have a problem. The optics are encased in metal shielding, which is soldered together. I'd have to cut or desolder to take it apart further, and reassembly would be extremely difficult. So I will put this one aside until I can get hold of a service manual. Otherwise I can still use it, although as a mains-only camera fitted to a VCR. That limits the locations it can be used in, but I'm not going to destroy it unless I have no other choice.

So, I'll move on to the next in line. A Panasonic NV-S20B. The butchery continues!


Anonymous said...

Personally it looks mor like you took a step or two back or kneeled or bent down so you are shooting more to the left and at a slightly different angle.
In the second we see the whole light poe on the left and higher up on the chimney. I think we are seeing the same hedge or wall in both but in the second the changed angle make it hide more of the lower part of the house.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I added this to the wrong posting - sorry!!!

Romulus Crowe said...

Both shots are standing, but as this wasn't on a tripod there's a slightly different angle in how I stood. Not enough to make the low wall look twice as high. It could still be an artefact, some trick of infrared light, but it's easy to go back and test this.

I don't think I'll be retaking the shot today, since we have wind and rain at the moment. I hope it'll calm down this afternoon.

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