Saturday, October 14, 2006

Idiots en masse.

I usually stay away from political issues since any attempt to discuss them meets with hysteria.

However, the lunacy has reached a level that is, frankly, dangerous.

So, this weeks Idiots of the Week are the entire politically correct brigade. All of them. No exceptions. Every one of those addle-brained morons who scream 'racist', 'fascist', etc at anyone who so much as looks at them the wrong way.

And guess what? They're all middle-class white people.

All of the problems related to race issues in this country can be traced to pompous, over-excited white people who spend every waking minute trying to fix a problem that wasn't there until they decided to do something about it.

The British population includes people of all religions and all races. So it should. It proves we're not a racist, discriminatory nation. If we were, we'd be a single-race, single-religion country. We have Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Druids and many flavours of Christians. Many more religions I can't name because I don't know them all. Oh yes, we even have Satanists. Some people don't like that but it's in the nature of the country that they are entitled to practise their religion here without being persecuted for it. Everyone is entitled to do that, as long as they break no laws.

None of these groups have ever voiced a complaint about the British Christian celebration of Christmas, yet an increasing number of towns are now putting up 'Winter Lights' and refusing to use the word 'Christmas' in case it offends people of other religions.

Who decided this? White, middle-aged, halfwitted, hysterical morons.

The non-Christian religions look on in bemusement at the antics of these idiots, but later it's the non-Christians who bear the backlash from the politically correct, IQ-challenged agitators' actions.

The average Christian is not aware that there has been no complaint, no attempt by any religious group to remove their festive season. They blame their neighbours, who, they are told, are offended. They don't know that the offence is imaginary, that it has been dreamed up by some hyperactive left-wing lunatic who has no idea of the damage they are doing to their community, nor of how patronising their attitude is to the non-Christian.

Policies like this are a root cause of inter-religious strife. They are in no way a solution.

So why, you are wondering, have I decided to rant about this now? There have been many ridiculous actions perpetrated by our increasingly unstable left-wing, tweed-clad lunatic fringe, but today's news has reached a point I never thought to see.

A ten-year-old boy has been arrested and taken to court for calling another boy names in a playground. Seriously. Ten years old. Arrested for calling someone a name. What is he going to grow into now? What have our politically correct madmen just created within this young boy's mind, I wonder?

A girl was arrested for racism because she asked to be moved to another group in her science class. Was she calling them racist names? Did she object to their religious affiliation?

No. The other students in the group did not speak English and she couldn't understand them. The teacher took this to mean that she refused to work with people of another race and became, predictably, hysterical. The girl had made no objection on the grounds of race or religion. She had made the entirely reasonable point that she could not work effectively in a group who spoke a language she could not speak.

The other students in the group had made no complaint about the girl at all. Could that be because she had done nothing to offend them?

The girl was released without charge, but only after spending several hours in a police cell and now carries the social stigma of being branded 'racist' by these PC harpies.

In the case of the boy, the judge he was brought to face pointed out the stupidity of the charges. As a result of that statement he was "...fiercely attacked by teaching union leaders for "feeding a pernicious agenda" that aided the BNP."

(For those who don't know, the BNP is an extreme right-wing party in the UK, who are just as nuts as the extreme Left and should be shipped out on the same leaking boat.)

I disagree. The judge's comments promote a reasonable attitude. Children calling each other names in the playground should not be an arrestable offence. It's utterly stupid.

As for aiding the BNP, well, they are getting all the support they could wish for from the actions of the Politically Correct, who are doing more to divide those of different races and religions in the UK than the BNP could ever hope to achieve on their own.

If you are one of these highly-strung cretins, I hope reading the above has caused you to burst several important blood vessels. No doubt you will be chanting your 'Racist' mantra under your breath. Am I racist?

If the characteristics 'White, middle-class, hysterical, stupid, politically correct' can be said to constitute a race, then you can call me racist, because I hate those people with a passion.

We would have far fewer race-related or religion-related problems in this country (and others) if the politically correct were told to shut up and just let us all get along. Yes, we will argue sometimes. Yes, we will disagree sometimes. Yes, we will call each other names sometimes. Yes, we will fight sometimes. People do that when they first meet. Race and religion are not relevant.

If you leave us alone, we'll work it out.

If you constantly interfere, you're going to make things an awful lot worse.


I won't make a habit of bringing up political points. This isn't going to become a political blog. It's just that I wanted to point out something important here.

The psychological impact these people have on the children of the UK is profound. Imagine being arrested and taken to court for name-calling at ten years old. Imagine being told that you are a fascist and a racist at that age. Apply ten-year-old reasoning to the events happening to you, and see where it gets you. Imagine how you would develop, starting from that point.

Unless they are stopped, they are likely to create the next Hitler.


Anonymous said...

Amen, hallelujah, come to Jesus! (That's Southern for "I couldn't agree more") As rude or sacreligious as it may be, my initial reaction to news of this sort is "Jesus Christ! Don't people have anything better to do?" Thanks for the blog fodder. I am soooooo off to write my own tirade on this subject.

Romulus Crowe said...

Yahoo message boards are currently filled with, on the one side 'All Islamists are out to get us', and on the other side 'Racist!'

These are the Far Right and the Far Left. Moderates who call in get shouted down by both sides.

I've never contributed. My view, that the PC brigade are likely to create that which they claim they are trying to prevent, will not be welcome there.

We currently have some rusting ships in harbour. They are not seaworthy but it's difficult to scrap them because they're full of asbestos and other Terrible Things.

The solution to all this is simple. Arrange a luxury cruise, free to anyone who can demonstrate an extreme point of view. Sail them to a point over the Marianas Trench and sink the ships.

Hey Presto. All those problems are solved in one stroke.

David de Beer said...

I think Southern Writer put it better than I ever could.

You know, I love the concept Douglas Adams cme up with in Hitchhikers Guide - you take the idiotic third of the world, all the useless and wasteful, then you build a big space ship and tell them they are the first members of the Exodus to escape Armageddon.
And then you jack them off in space and get back to normal living.

I like the concept, I would just have a rarher different "crew" in mind than Adams...

Romulus Crowe said...

I can just see the announcement.

"We have discovered a planet populated with twenty-foot spiders. Unfortunately the blue spiders and the green spiders hate each other, and as we are immigrants there, they hate us too.
"Someone needs to go there and explain to them the basics of politial correctness and human (and spider) rights.
"Do we have any volunteers?"

Naturally, we neglect to mention that the spiders neither speak nor understand any Earth languages...

tom sheepandgoats said...


Here in the states, it’s my experience that the educators are always on the cutting edge of PC nonsense. Not necessarily all individuals, but certainly as a group. I’ve long supposed that absurdity finds its home here. But I may have to rethink. Your police arrest examples take the prize, even for the U.S. Yes, the social workers might have a field day with these children, but I can’t fathom the police getting involved.

Romulus Crowe said...

The UK has indeed become a very silly place.

What worries me is that this silliness has a dark side. If you repeatedly tell an impressionable young child that they are evil and racist, they will eventually believe it.

At the least, they will come to realise that they are in trouble whatever they do, and they will blame the very people the PC mob are over-protecting.

I think the PC mob, with their endless cries of 'Nazi', are creating the next reich from the children of the UK.

Any PC types reading, try to grasp this concept: Tolerance only works if applied evenly.

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