Saturday, February 06, 2010

Killer Cat?

Many old religions revere cats. They were sometimes said to be connected with guiding the dead into the afterlife. Witches were usually assumed to be habitual cat-keepers. Cats and the supernatural have always been linked. It's not surprising. Cats are weird things.

Even so, it's a surprise to find one that can reliably predict who is going to die.

He's very good at it, apparently. So is he predicting, or is he a furry little serial killer?

Either way, I hope he stays away from me.


heyjude said...

I thought they discovered it was only with the terminal patients who'd been covered with a heating blanket to keep them more comfortable. Lack of exercise and poor circulation leading them to be constantly cold otherwise.

ver: fersacki

or 'fur'sacki?

Regina Richards said...

My dad had to sleep in a very cold tent in the Korean War. He said he woke up one night with a cat laying over his face. He's allergic, so it was double danger.

Cats don't belong in medical facilities where they might cause people already experiencing respiratory problems further stress.

Southern Writer said...

If the heating blanket story is true, then the hospital should be held liable for those deaths because my heating blanket very specifically states it should never be used by invalids or anyone else unable to remove it themselves.

I've had various cats all my adult life and have never known them to do anything I'd consider dangerous to my own life, such as sitting on my face. More than I can say for some men I've known.

Moving on ... this is a reminder to me how long it takes a book to go from concept to sale, because I've known about this cat for years.

Southern Writer said...

Crap. I forgot to tell you. You already know about one visit I received from the dead. We may soon have a new experience to ponder. I sincerely hope not, but we may.

I have an old friend, someone I cared very much for 25+ years ago. Since that time, I have seen him only once, five years ago. He knew my other visitor well (they were friends), and knows all about the previous visit. On February 1, I was napping. I just needed an hour before I went to work that night. During that time, I had a vivid dream that my old friend came to see me to say goodbye because he's going to die "in 2 to 3 weeks." He showed me the port catheter for his chemo and the spot on his head where his hair has begun to shed. I hope it turns out to be only a dream. If I hear otherwise, I'll let you know.

heyjude said...

Do keep us posted!!

I think the warming blankets for the terminally ill are quite different from the heating blankets for home use.

Romulus Crowe said...

SW- let's hope it was just a dream. Usually you'd get things like this afterwards but once in a while they do crop up as predictive.

On the warming blankets, they are used for everyone considered terminal. The cat had a choice of warming blankets but somehow managed to always pick the one warming the next to go.

I'd agree cats shouldn't really be on wards. Allergy to cat fur is common. Then again, if you're near the end, is it more important to have a furry friend or to drag on for a day or so longer, immobile and helpless?

It's not a straightforward call.

Clover Autrey said...

Well you know the old wife's tale about cats stealing breath. Just creepy. Dogs on the other hand, will keep you alive if they can help it.

Romulus Crowe said...

Dogs like to be looked after. They aren't going to let their meal ticket die!

Cats know they can just find another one.

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