Friday, February 26, 2010

Fire or ice?

There has been more snow. Again. There have been thaws but there has not been a single day of zero snow since before Christmas. Temperatures locally have hit -20C (-3F) and even though it's currently just above freezing, the snow steadfastly refuses to leave.

So it has now been over two months of solid winter. Much more snow than in recent years although we didn't get it as bad as Washington, and there have been nastier winters here in the past although they didn't last as long. There have been reports of snow in Florida and Texas, places I've never visited but which I would be unlikely to associate with snowmen and toboggans.

Yet, in the face of all this, we have the Church of Climatology once more spouting its insistence that the world is warming.

"It's not warming the same everywhere but it is really quite challenging to find places that haven't warmed in the past 50 years," veteran Australian climate scientist Neville Nicholls told an online climate science media briefing.

Is it? Really, really challenging? Newspapers here have carried satellite images of the UK on which you can play 'spot the green bit' because the entire country was covered from end to end in snow. It didn't look very warm from up there and it certainly didn't feel warm down here.

"January, according to satellite (data), was the hottest January we've ever seen," said Nicholls of Monash University's School of Geography and Environmental Science in Melbourne.

Huh? You mean it's been colder than -20C here in previous years? Odd, I don't seem to recall that. How about Washington under a mountain of snow? Perhaps the insulating properties of all that snow kept it warm.

"Last November was the hottest November we've ever seen, November-January as a whole is the hottest November-January the world has seen," he said of the satellite data record since 1979.

You might want to check the calibration on those satellites. You might also want to make clear that these references to '...we've ever seen' refer to satellite information that started in 1979 and they are not the same satellites. They've been upgraded and replaced. More accurate instruments watch the planet now, and the previous data wasn't as good so don't pretend it's a continuous and reliable measurement. While you're at it, stop pretending that 30 years of measurements have any meaning at all when applied to global climate.

Data has been conveniently 'lost'. Data was cherry picked from specific tracking stations, most of which had been overtaken by urban sprawl and were therefore affected by urban heat generation. Absolute lies and invented threats have been exposed. The planet is freezing and still, still they shout 'It is warming. The snow is an illusion. All hail the Green God' and then they complain that people don't respect scientists any more. Respect? You are lucky you haven't been tarred and feathered.

Then there is the massive iceberg that has just broken off Antarctica. No, it is not 'evidence of global warming'. Another massive iceberg crashed into an already-cracked ice shelf and broke it. It's something that would have happened even if there wasn't a single human on the planet.

What this thing can do is of far more immediate concern that scrabbling to hold on to grant money while the global warming scam implodes.

Massom said the shearing off of the ice tongue and the presence of the Mertz and B-9B icebergs could affect global ocean circulation.

Not some imagined effects that might or might happen in a hundred years. This can happen now.

The area is an important zone for the creation of dense, salty water that is a key driver of global ocean circulation. This is produced in part through the rapid production of sea ice that is continually blown to the west.

"Removal of this tongue of floating ice would reduce the size of that area of open water, which would slow down the rate of salinity input into the ocean and it could slow down this rate of Antarctic bottom water formation," he said.

This lump of ice could wreck the distribution of warm water across the oceans by stopping what amounts to a 'pump' that drives ocean currents. Warming? That will only happen between the tropics because the heated water there won't be able to go away. As for the rest of us, well, better stock up on thermals because we live where that warm water used to go.

While the idiots continue to lie to protect all the money that's tied up in global warming, there's a switch being thrown in Antarctica that could start the next ice age. Not in decades. Next year.

What are we going to do about it? Nothing at all. We are still shutting down power stations and forcing people to turn off their heating with massive taxes and cranked-up energy prices and subsidised wind farms that don't work. The threat of freezing? No, can't do anything about that because it's not politically expedient. The money is in warming, not cooling.

It's always been about money. Ask Al Gore (if you can ever get a straight answer out of him). He has become very rich indeed by sending the rest of us back to a Middle Ages existence.

These people are not merely fools. They are very dangerous people indeed. While they demand we prepare for deserts, we should be preparing for ice.

While people freeze to death because they can't afford heating, these fools are calling for higher fuel taxes. While companies shed jobs to pay for increased beurocratic interference, the fools call for more penalty charges on emissions. Meanwhile the snow falls in Florida.

They should be tried for treason.


tom sheepandgoats said...

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice......Robert Frost

But he may be wrong on both counts. It may be in economics.

Southern Writer said...

Or politics.

Romulus Crowe said...

I don't think the world will end. I think we might, though.

SW- I've done a bit of catching up on Facebook. It's a bewildering place! I'm even having trouble working out if I'm on my own homepage in there.

The paranormal is easy compared to the internet.

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