Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The UK is a land of walking corpses.


If this video is correct, the UK government declared the entire population legally dead in 1666, while the Fire of London raged. That law is still in force. This is therefore Zombieland because we're all legally dead.

So the State owns everything we think we own. We have seven years to present ourselves as living beings and claim our entitlement or the State keeps it.

The thing is, it's seven years from the date of your birth. Not seven years from when you find out about it! So nobody has claimed and nobody is likely to.

Legally, we exist only as fictional entities who are permanently in debt even though our currency doesn't exist either, and we are always guilty in court. There are three more videos and it looks like there'll be more. I'll be looking out for them.

Searching for dead people on the internet throws up some interesting stuff sometimes. This particular stuff is scarier than any ghost.


Anonymous said...

Golly, I've never met a real Zombie before. Not sure what the protocol is. Happy to meet you and, uh, well, I'd shake your hand but I'm guessing it might fall off.

Romulus Crowe said...

If you walk down the average city centre street here, you might start agreeing with that 1666 government act. Shuffling zombies are everywhere.

There's a lot of stuff coming out in the UK now, because people are starting to dig into the law because the government have made up so many new ones lately.

What's coming out isn't all that pleasant but it's useful and explains a lot - like the reason we have to be represented by a barrister in court. We can't represent ourselves because legally, we're dead.

There's an awful lot more of this to come, I'm sure.

Captain Ranty said...

Mr Crowe,

I should, perhaps, have pointed out that your legal fiction is dead. You the human are clearly alive and well. Your legal fiction, (or strawman) is the vessel you use to act in commerce.

This is all in the videos of course. I hope people watched them all. There is, as you say, some pretty good information coming out.

Somedays I am afraid to dig. What I find isn't always nice and wholesome. Nature of the beast, I suppose. You find what you look for, eh?

Nice blog, BTW, I will spend some time going over your earlier writings. I could be here some time....



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