Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There might be another one.

Or there might not.

LogoThere are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

That only covers the USA and I don't live there so if there is one, it's not me.

Anyone know him?


Regina Richards said...

There are 96 people with my name. That's news. I always thought I was one of a kind.

heyjude said...

geez 222 - ie: 221 people who think they are ME?!?!?! poor deluded fools!

Clover Autrey said...

There is only one me, but I figured that. There are 1500 other Clover's though. Maybe I should Facebook friend them.

Beth Shriver said...

Well thanks to you I've discovered that there are 4 people in the US with me name. Very interesting:)

Beth Shriver

tom sheepandgoats said...

"There are 1 or fewer people in the United States with the name Tom Sheepandgoats."

(actually, just between you and I, there's not even 1)

This result gave me confidence in the site. I would have been disappointed had it returned a large number. Should I enter my real name? Probably, and I will likely do it someday. But the paranoid me frets that some slimeball may be operating the site and will use the results for marketing, ID flimflam, or who knows what else.

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