Thursday, October 01, 2009

Here's a first attempt at posting the Thing. I have no idea whether this was an appearance by my uninvited guest or something non-paranormal. I don't have a non-paranormal explanation as yet so it's still a 'maybe'. My guest has gone very quiet and shy since I brought out the cameras. That happens a lot.

The camera took one frame per second. This clip has 24 frames, and at normal playback speed that means it lasts about one second. In real life, it covers 24 seconds of time. There is no sound on this clip. I used a separate digital sound recorder because it gives good quality and records for hours at a stretch without any tape-changing nonsense. There were no sounds worth hearing on the recording at the time of the Thing (or indeed the whole night). So this is a silent movie.

The quality level is MPEG-3 but unfortunately it's a small box so you'll have to peer at the screen. I'm still trying to get decent quality stills - JPEG files from screenshots are not proving useful so far. If I can get them to work I'll post before, during and after shots for comparison.

The Thing appears on two consecutive frames and you don't see much of it because... well, I won't say which frames it's on, where in the picture you'll find it or what it looks like. The whole film only lasts a second so if you don't see anything, you won't have wasted much time.

So what, if anything, do you see?

Don't blink- it's quick!

If anyone wants to download this and play with it, that's fine with me. Although the quality looks less good on here than it does on my screen and might degrade further on download.

There must be a way around that.

ADDENDUM: I've checked and I can see it but I already know where it is. It's hard to spot on this tiny insert. I'll keep working on those stills - and keep trying for a better shot!


Cluetime. Between frames 8-10, look at the top/back of the white chair - is someone sitting there?

It's not good on the computer copy but then I don't consider this a good capture anyway. It's the only thing I have on this particular beast and it's nothing close to an absolute result. I really need a full-body image. Well, all I can do is keep trying.


heyjude said...

nothing - even when I increased it in size a LOT

Regina said...

I can't see a thing. Can you give me a hint?

astrologybites said...

The only thing I see is the light and shadow change on the back of the chair. Were other people or your dragon roaming the house at that time (who might have cast a shadow as they passed by on the other side of the puzzle table)? btw, love your curtains. Kind of looks like stained glass.

astrologybites said...

Played it again. Yes, I do see something move at the level someone's head would be at, were they sitting in the chair. It's fast, but it IS there.

astrologybites said...

Oksay. The more I look at it, the more I see. To the right of the chair, to the right of that metal pole thingy (what is that? Part of some piece of exercise equipment? Oh, wait, this is your house. What was I thinking??? Part of a tall tripod? A pogo stick?) Anyway, to the right of that, where there's another curtain, or the reflection of a curtain, something definitely moves from left to right. brb. My DH wants me to come listen to an evp on some ghost show he's watching ... and while I'm at it, this is the hottest new movie released in the US. Twitterers are saying it's scary as hell.

astrologybites said...

Sick of me yet? I keep watching it, and there's definitely something there. I can't quite make out what's in this room ... is that a mirror on the wall reflecting the curtains in front of us? Or different curtains? Or not a mirror at all? Because just to the right of the chair, there's a small place with the same colors at the curtains, and if you focus on that, you can see something move past it. I've watched the curtains, and nothing moves past them. How on earth did you ever catch that? You really have to be looking for it. I'm going to watch again.

astrologybites said...

The more I watch it, the easier it is to see. I can see something pass between the chair and the plant in the corner of the room, and also in that place I mentioned before in my previous comment. Jude and Regina, try a magnifying glass. That might help.

Romulus Crowe said...

So you spotted the little movement I hadn't mentioned. That's reassuring. It's not just me.

The camera takes a frame at one-second intervals and doesn't beep or otherwise indicate when it's taking a frame. I couldn't have gone into the room without getting caught. I'm not that fast!

It's odd that the reflection in the glass fronted cabinet (that's what it is, full of decanters and glasses and other trivia) doesn't have a corresponding movement at the window. If it had, it could have been a reflection from a car passing. Not a cloud, because the sun rises behind the camera. I can't find an easy explanation for it.

I hate those curtains. But then, the male brain just sees them as 'things that cover the window at night' and not as part of the overall decor. Once opened, they are forgotten. So I probably won't ever do anything about them until they rot.

Astrology said...

Exactly. That's precisely what I checked for as soon as I caught a glimpse of it in the glass - movement in front of the window, but there is none. Zero. No car, no one passing by, no bird flying at warp speed. So it had to be in the room. Good capture. Are you still attempting to get more?

And about those curtains, I like them. You can send them to me, hopefully before they rot.

Romulus Crowe said...

Still trying but it's gone quiet. I think it's getting sneaky.

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