Saturday, November 29, 2008

Too cold, even for me.

I like the cold. It's heat I can't stand, that and bright sunlight. If you turn the brightness and the contrast up to their fullest level on your TV, you'll get an idea of what the world looks like to me when the sun's out. You could stand right in front of me and I'd be hard pressed to make out your face. And you can forget sunbathing. A more tedious way to spend time I cannot imagine.

I see well at night, better than most. It's just the way my eyes are. Don't tell those doctors because I bet they'll try to 'fix it' - and since I like to spend most of my time wandering around at night, I really don't want that particular aspect of me meddled with at all.

(An aside - I visit opticians rarely. One of them left me in the waiting room for two hours, then called me in. He tested my eyes with a puffer thing which measures internal pressure. It was high, so he alarmed me with talk of glaucoma and insisted I go back once a year. Subsequent tests showed nothing. It wasn't until later that I thought that perhaps, having sat for two hours before he could be bothered to do his tests, the high pressure was probably universal throughout every part of me and was linked more to the frustration than anything else. Doctors? Pah.)

Anyway. I was planning to go out tonight to a remote church. It's partially ruined, I think it's fifteenth century but I have yet to check, and it has some fascinating carvings.

However, I scraped the ice off my car and found another layer of ice on the inside of the windscreen. Since there's no shelter out there, and since my fingers felt as though they might crack if I moved them, I decided maybe tonight wasn't the best choice. I have officially chickened out due to extreme cold.

Another time. It's been there for at least five hundred years. It's not going anywhere.

I really don't want to get that flu again.


heyjude said...

I like hot and humid - it's cold I can't stand. Like anything below 80F. So I'll take your share of tropics and you can have my share of ice and snow and cold!!!
hope you are healthy now.

Romulus Crowe said...

I doubt you'd see me in the tropics unless someone invents a refrigerated suit.

I think I'm recovered. A bit more wary of spending all night in the frost, though. Actually, I can't ever remember what it's like to be anything other than I am at the moment - when I'm ill I can't remember what it was like to be well, and vice versa.

But that's probably the same for everyone. If I could bear to be around people more often, I'd ask them.

heyjude said...

grins - they make thermal suits so we can suffer in your climate and A/C building to frigid so folks like you can stay inside and miss the gloriousness of a climate like this one!!!
Glad you are well now!
I can recall 'sick' just enough to know I want to avoid it and 'well' quite enough to know I want to regain it when sick!

heyjude said...

glorious for people like me that is!

Southern Writer said...

You have the eyesight and temperature preferences of fish.

I like a change of seasons. But I could settle for tropical temps eleven months out of the year, and enjoy cold and snow in December only.

Do stay well. I miss you when you're absent for long periods of time.

ver: buddly

Is that a cuddly buddy?

heyjude said...

fish that i snorkel with are some of my best friends

ver: upens

Romulus Crowe said...

Even fish don't like it this cold. I heard about the eyesight though - I like fishing, and found out that the reason there are no fish at the surface in bright weather is really very simple - they can't close their eyes. Squinting is not an option for them.

It had warmed a little but now the snow's back. Those who go on about global warming must be literally on a different planet.

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