Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out of oblivion.

It was a mistake to visit the doctor.

I only had flu. Then I had penicillin allergy which meant they could play around more. After their poking, prodding, diagnosing and general meddling, I now have a whole raft of things. I have type 2 diabetes and angina and high cholesterol. I want that left alone. I paid for it. I have Aspergers (still working on the implications of that but it doesn't feel like any kind of problem at all. I think it's just something made up by interfering busybodies who insist on all this social interaction crap). I have a load of little brown bottles for this and that and I have appointments for 'help groups' full of self-pitying morons that I have no intention of keeping.

Apparently I have to tell someone where my pills are in case of emergency. Well, I'm telling the readers of this blog. Both of you. If you're looking for my pills, look in the local sewage farm. I flushed the lot. If they give me more I'll flush those too.

I have never felt so lethargic and generally apathetic in my life. Before I visited the doctor I felt okay, a bit of a cough sometimes, a general 'yeuk' sort of feeling now and then, occasional chest pains and tingling fingers but otherwise okay. Those pills turned me into a zombie. I could barely raise the energy to get out of bed some days.

I might not live as long but I plan to at least know it's happening.

I am back.


heyjude said...

Jeeez!!!! What an ordeal. first they cause the problems then find a raft of them!!!!
I suggest following a sane low-carb diet for awhile and see if things don't come round right. If not then ...???

and appropiate (or not) the word I have to type to post this is "bowel"

Romulus Crowe said...

Those word verifications are getting spooky. Seriously.

I wouldn't advise everyone to do what I just did. I know a few people who are much better off with their meds. For me it made life worthless. So I've dumped the lot and the doctor will see me next when I die. He can record my last words, one of which is likely to start with 'F' and the other with 'O'.

After that, the fun begins.

heyjude said...

Well SOMETIMES rare though they are the meds do have some value but there's too much reliance on them in today's world when ordinary wise action could get us well better. IMO
glad you are feeling better enough to bitch about it - always a good sign!!!
word this time is snessest which seems benign enough!!!

Anonymous said...

my mother hurt her she has medication for high blood pressure that she does not want and statins she wont take and four other medications too......she says bleeding to death might have been preferable!!

heyjude said...

BP meds and statins for broken leg!?!?!?!
I always brought unwanted prescriptions in and stuck them in the same place in a house I lived in for nearly 20 years.
When I left a house , I threw out a stack of unfilled ones - a stack about 6+ inches high - and that with a weight on them holding them in place. And that was in my much younger and healthier years!

hmmmmm - access word is minesin. Since WHEN is junking prescriptions a sin?!?!?!?

Southern Writer said...

I can't stand that zombie feeling that some meds give. I flushed an entire lot once, myself, and am better off for it, I believe. Or at least, I've managed to survive an additional ten years without them.

Aspergers? What kind of test determines that?

Romulus Crowe said...

Hejude - pharmaceutical companies sell drugs. The more people diagnosed, the more they sell. There was a big fuss about the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in New Scientist some months ago. Seems the definition was being broadened to get more on the meds.

Worse, the companies have no incentive to cure anyone because then you're off the profit sheet. So they treat, not cure.

SW - the first test involved a sneaky litle nurse with a clipboard and a questionnaire. If I hadn't felt so grim I would have spotted what she was up to and lied.

Mind you, with my reaction to all things medical they probably expected it to come up 'sociopath'.

Besides, that whole Asperger's thing is a non-issue. I haven't changed at all. I just now have a reason to be an antisocial loner with a penchant for speaking a little more truth than decency should dictate. I won't die of it (unless I tell the truth to someone big, ugly, stupid and vicious).

It's the angina and diabetes that might have me calling in on you all a little sooner than expected.

I can fix those. I think.

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