Sunday, November 23, 2008

More green stuff.

I have an idea.

The recycling industry has collapsed.

I planned to put a few steps in my garden but had nothing to fill the space under the steps unless I used good growing soil, and I won't.

So I plan to make a mould out of old tin cans and put it on my chimenea. Then, when it's good and hot, I'll drop in plastic bottles until the whole thing is full of melted plastic. Then leave it to set while I melt another lot. I'll need more than one mould but there are always more cans available.

That will give me a whole heap (eventually) of plastic bricks I can use to fill in the spaces under those steps. Plenty of time. I won't be gardening again for a few months. And they'll be free.

Why do the greenies never think of useful things? All they want to do is dump the stuff in China.

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