Sunday, November 09, 2008

In the doldrums.

That illness has left me with a very lethargic attitude to life. It's wearing off, but there are many unreplied Emails and a few ignored messages here for which I must apologise.

The lack of any reports of paranormal activity have not helped: the news is full of bank crashes and impending doom, which doesn't help either, and any spare news space has been taken up with the election of a new President in the USA. I'm sure every American regards that as vital news, but whoever runs America is of only minor interest to me. We have enough political madmen of our own to worry about.

There was a gesture by a few, well, rather a lot of people, who got together and sent a copy of 1984 by George Orwell to every MP in Westminster. There are 646 of them. Two have replied with dismissive contempt on their blogs, 644 have made no comment at all. Oh, apparently the books were inscribed with something along the lines of 'This was not meant to be an instruction manual'. The press have not touched it. It's only there on the blogs.

Overall, then, with post-illness lethargy and living in a country that is overwhelmed with depression, I haven't been here much. However I have to do something to shake myself out of it or I'll end up like this.

So I'll do some more of the updated and improved version of 'Ghosthunting for the Sensible Investigator'. I planned a chapter for each item of equipment, how it can be put to good use and, in some cases, whether it's really any use at all. Time to dust off those files, I think.

Back soon. Well, sooner than last time, anyway.


heyjude said...

ohhhh poor Rom!!!!
been wondering if you were still with us.

There’s a bit more on that story at this link where NBS in their infinite wisdom they do not identify the woman but list the 3 deceased siblings names!!!!

Southern Writer said...

The media is treating this like a new story, but I read about it many weeks ago -- unless this is a new case. Maybe it's common.

Romulus Crowe said...

Maybe it's one of those that's just getting to be too common. I suppose we'll all soon be blase about it. Disgusting things, people.

Anyway, does anyone know if post-illness lethargy is normal? I'd rather not go to the doctor's again. All those sick people...

heyjude said...

seems to be epidemic. don't get your strength back as fast as you age - so they tell me!!! grrrrr!!!!

Romulus Crowe said...

That's not good news. I can't help getting older. I'd like to stay this age but there seems to be a law against it.

Repeal that law, I say!

Anonymous said...

And I AGREE!!!!

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