Saturday, February 09, 2008

The monsters can’t touch me. I’m British.

I recall a very old film – can’t remember the title – which starred Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as British scientists travelling by train across some uninhabited region of Europe. They had found a caveman frozen in ice, which unknown to them harboured an alien parasitic lifeform. The caveman stayed in the ice throughout the film, I think. It wasn’t that cheesy. The parasite managed to escape and inhabit the body of an unfortunate railway worker, and then hopped from body to body at will and, naturally, killed people.

At one point, officials searching the train opened the cabin occupied by Cushing and Lee, and said they needed to check everyone on the train because they had no idea who was currently the monster. Peter Cushing’s response will stay forever with me. In a tone of utter indignation, he exclaimed “Monster? We’re British!”

I’ve been thinking about that lately because of the attitudes of the politically correct socialist morons who currently infest our country. If they want to defend uncontrolled immigration, they say ‘Britain is composed entirely of immigrant races’. Which is true. Although none of those races were invited, although every one of them was met with violent resistance and none were housed and given benefits, it’s still true.

If they want to try making us all feel that ‘White Guilt’ that rages in their own veins, they remind us that we conquered and occupied a large chunk of the planet. Which is also true. It’s old history, I have never personally invaded anywhere and thus have no reason to feel their ridiculous guilt, but it’s true.

These people have no idea what it means to be British, yet they act in a truly British way. It doesn’t look like it, but they do.

The British are mongrels. Celts, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Romans, Normans – our rainy little island seems like an irresistible destination for most of the world’s people. It still does. I have no idea why. Yet this invasion sequence is very interesting to look at.

Celts and Gaels still have a hold here. Welsh and various forms of Gaelic persist in some parts. Angles and Saxons formed the core of the language that we call English but those Celts are still hanging on in there. This combination has proved indestructible.

The Vikings invaded but never really settled in most of Britain. Their preference was for the coast. Yet they settled. They won. Do we speak Scandinavian anywhere in the UK?

The Romans did rather well. They controlled most of the UK for a long time. Their structures and relics are still being found to this day. Do we speak Latin, or even Italian, in any part of the UK?

The Normans did well too. They subjugated the entire country. Britain was lost, a country now under the rule of a French king. But wait—do we speak French anywhere in the UK?

These invaders came and beat the previous population. Or did they? Which side assimilated the other? Britain is still Britain. The British are still the British. English is still the language here. Winning against the Brits isn’t like winning against anyone else. We absorb you. We assimilate you. Resistance is futile. Yes, the capital of the Borg is London.

Look at the opposite scenario. Those places that used to be part of the British Empire. Which language is spoken in many of them now? That convoluted, impossible-to-master-even-if-you’re-born-into-it, mish-mash of other languages called English. When the British invaded other countries, how often did they give up their language and traditions and assimilate into those countries? Never. How often did they bend those countries’ traditions and language to their will? Almost every time.

This race has been formed from the fighting men of every invading race in Europe. Because it’s an island, it was less easy for peaceable folk to migrate here. The warriors came. The nastiest, toughest, most vicious control freaks of the world invaded here in wave after wave. They were all assimilated into the British way because by the time it had formed, it was a way that suited those people. A controlling, invading, subjugating way. The British Empire was an inevitable outcome. It could have been predicted from Roman times. If you want to blame someone for the Empire, blame all those foreigners who brought their cruelty genes to our population and formed a race filled with such easy malice, such cool blooded cruelty, that they became unstoppable. We are not one. We are legion. Every one of us.

We do not rage in the streets like the hot-blooded races of the world. We are calm and focused in battle. There are races who proudly boast that their soldiers are not afraid to die. The true British don’t believe they can die. “I’m afraid I couldn’t possibly come along with you, Mr. Death. You see, we haven’t been formally introduced.” If the British have been going to Hell, then by now you won’t get in there without a tie.

The Empire fell because the British can’t help fighting other people. We also can’t help fighting one another and trying to control each other. The fall of that empire was as certain as its formation. It was too big. Too many petty internal squabbles, too much competitive ambition, too much cruelty. The invaded peoples rebelled, one by one, and who can blame them? The same British arrogance and overbearing self-confidence destroyed the empire as surely as it created the thing.

Nowadays the British don’t travel the world to invade places quite so often. We’re an old race and prefer to stay home. So we wait for them to come to us, to invade again, to replenish our gene pool with new youth, to boost that vitality we used to have. In the meantime, we fight amongst ourselves.

That’s why the Politically Correct are acting in a British way. Control and subjugate. They can’t do it overseas these days so they try it here. Once, these people would have been High Commissioners in some country or other. Denied their birthright, they turn on their fellows. It’s in their genes. Trouble is, it’s in everyone else’s too.

Look at that PC attitude of ‘Everything I say is right even when it’s patently nonsense, and your opinion is that of an uneducated oaf'. Compare it with the leaders of Empire. It’s exactly the same. All that’s missing is the direction – the PC direction will not get Brits to follow it. If they directed their efforts outwards, there’d be another Empire by next week. It would probably fall apart the following week but we’d just start again.

The next invasion will come. We’ll fight it but it will win, and it will win because we need it to win. A hundred years later, those invaders will speak English. They’ll put the tea in the cup before the milk. They will look down their noses at any race speaking any language other than English and they’ll definitely, one day, try to take over the world again. Wearing neat uniforms which they’ll apologise for bleeding on, they’ll be back.

Peter Cushing’s words sounded like humour. I’ll bet you laughed at that opening. I’ll bet you’re not laughing now.

He was right. No monster would attack a Brit. No monster would dare try. The Devil himself would have to think very hard before taking us on.

When it comes to monsters, we’re out of their league.


worldphotos4 said...

I stopped by after reading your comment on Moristotle's blog. Glad I did. "We absorb you. We assimilate you. Resistance is futile. Yes, the capital of the Borg is London." Now that is a hoot.

Romulus Crowe said...

Hi Worldphotos

Impressive pictures. We still have red squirrels around here. The greys haven't pushed them all out yet. They're keeping out of sight these days - there are red kites in the area too!

worldphotos4 said...

Thanks. Their antics are fun to watch. Stress free.

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