Sunday, February 10, 2008

The laughable policeman.

Political correctness has infested our institutions to an appalling degree. The smug, self-righteous control freaks with those permanent tight smiles, hateful attitudes and blank eyes will not even allow the police to differentiate between a white suspect and a black suspect.

Told by a rape victim that her attacker was a tall, large black man, the police arrest a slim, short white guy who has never been to the town where the attack occurred and are determined to convict him. They're convinced he's the right man. All they need is for the victim to change her story.

He's now been cleared but is still tagged because the company that controls those tags is manned only by incompetent idiots. As is every government-run organisation these days.

This is insane. Quotas must be filled, and to hell with doing the job properly. The police didn't even apologise - they said they decided 'there was no realistic chance of a conviction'. In a real world, there should never have been an arrest. I'm very much against the 'compensation culture' that has developed in recent years, but in this one case I hope he sues hard enough to bankrupt that police force. We won't miss them. It's not as if they're interested in doing their jobs. Rather like our current crop of politicians, in that respect.

That lack of apology says it all, really. The conviction is the thing. Get the boxes ticked. It doesn't matter who you jail as long as you have someone in jail for each crime. It's no wonder organised crime laughs at the police. The Keystone Kops were more efficient.

It works both ways - in the comments below the story, one commenter describes how the police accused him of snatching an old lady's handbag. She described her attacker as being one white man so the police (the same Blind Division, presumably) arrested a couple of black boys.

This Government wants everyone's DNA on a national database. I wouldn't trust them with a photograph of the back of my head. With a hat on it. A more incompetent, idiotic, worthless band of oafs has never before soiled the seating of the House of Commons. They could all be replaced with baboons tomorrow and nobody would notice, until things started to improve.

I think I'll vote for the Raving Loony party next time. At least they're honest about it.


LizBurton said...

The PC BS hasn't quite reached such a horrific level in the States, but it's only a matter of time. Minutes, probably.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it odd British cops didn't carry guns. But if they can't differentiate between short and tall or black and white, perhaps it's best they remain unarmed.

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