Thursday, February 14, 2008

Even Valentine cards?

A legal expert has warned that sending a Valentine's day card 'could be construed as an unwanted sexual advance' and if you send (or have sent) one to a work colleague today, it could lead to a sexual harrassment claim.

Even Valentine cards are now seen as offensive weapons. So in this day and age, how do couples get together? How does it happen? Soon the act of saying 'hello' to the opposite sex will get your name on the sex offenders' register. Perhaps all the men should move to one side of the country and all the women to the other and we can set up a big fence down the middle. Will that satisfy the PC controllers? Perhaps we should all wear badges displaying our sexual orientation, religion and political affiliation. I seem to remember someone trying that about 70 years ago. As I recall, it didn't turn out to be a good thing.

I'm safe enough. I didn't get any and didn't send any either, but I bet there are a lot of people scrabbling to retrieve their internal mail at the moment.

One last thought - aren't Valentine cards supposed to be unsigned? So who do you sue? It'll be interesting to see if any cases come up.


ThatGreenyFlower said...


Happy Valentine's Day.


Your Secret Admirer

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Oh, no! It showed my name!

Romulus Crowe said...

Ha! It did indeed show your name. Now I can send in the lawyers.

Only kidding - I'm not quite that insane yet.

I won't sue my other not-so-secret admirer either. Thanks for the card (you know who you are). It increased my tally for this year to one.

Hey, it's better than last year! Perhaps I should consider spending more time with the living.

No, I've met them. They're odd.

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