Monday, February 05, 2007


From Heyjude in the comments:

OK I blew it up - and sharpened it and cropped it, etc and the only thing I see is that there's
a bit less foreground grass in front of the indicated part. Now if you are going to claim the rounded portion is a head - then what about the 2 shorter ones behind it? and maybe a less distinct short one in front of the tall one? Nah! take away the foreground grass and you'd have one large dark section like to the right of that. I can't figure out a way to add the 'enhanced' photo I emailed you. Perhaps you could post it?

Duly posted - Heyjude's enhancement from the original.

It's a possible explanation. I'm not sure I agree with this particular one but it's important to consider all possibilities. We have another bout of snow in the UK so I haven't been back to try again - the snow isn't the problem, it's the lack of sunlight. I need to get the conditions as close as possible to how they were when I took the original picture.

Anyone else want to rip into this one? If someone knows of a natural explanation, or a possible explanation, I'd be interested in hearing about it.


Southern Writer said...

I go away for a couple days, and look what happens. These are awesome. I don't know how you ever saw it in the first place, but glad you did. The enhanced picture does appear to show a group of people, not just one. But that one certainly appears to have a face - to me, anyway. When are you going back? I can't wait to see if it's still there or not!

Your blog isn't letting me comment. One more try ~

Southern Writer said...

Looking at this again, the "group" probably isn't. Their outline seems to be blades of grass. But the one - it looks to me like it has a face, and doesn't appear particularly pleased to be photographed.

Romulus Crowe said...

I tried leaving a note on your blog but it didn't show up. Very strange - it seemed to go through OK at the time. It was nothing of consequence though.

The one shape does seem more defined than the others, but I will have to go back to check this. It won't be easy - it has to be the same time of day, in sunny conditions, and it has to be soon. Every day, the sun is a little higher.

On my next visit I'll be taking a lot more photographs, each time with the infrared filter and without. I'll use a tripod so the pictures are framed identically.

The best result of all would be to spot the same shape in a completely different place. Fingers crossed...

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