Thursday, February 15, 2007

Arm the harmless.

Some time ago, Tiny Blur's UK government (I use the term loosely since their only purpose is getting re-elected, rather than actually governing) banned handguns. They had a gun amnesty, in which anyone with a handgun could hand it in without being prosecuted. They are planning another.

Very nice of them.

All the law-abiding citizens who had handguns, including those who had Great-Grandfather's rusty Boer War pistol in the attic, handed them in.

The criminals didn't. What a surprise. So the arms are now all in the hands of the harmful, rather than the harmless.

The criminals were put in a position where they knew the law-abiding citizens had no guns. I've ranted about this before. Did this Government's scheme cut gun crime, or was it yet another example of action without thought?

Judge for yourself.

I have no guns. Never have, and never will. Bows are legal though and require no license.

They're also silent, so the neighbours need never know if I have a burglar in the house.


Scary Monster said...

Me doesn't own a pistol nor a rifle, but if me did, me certainly wouldn't give it up to an agency that couldn't protect me from thugs and those who prey on the weak. Me like the idea of a crossbow. Archaic and personal. Cool.

Romulus Crowe said...

One note of caution - it's legal to own a bow or crossbow in the UK (but not legal to hunt with it) but that might not be the case everywhere. Best to check your local laws before you get one.

And practice, somewhere safe. You can damage yourself with a crossbow very easily, if you don't know what you're doing. The point of the arrow isn't the only dangerous part!

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