Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm back from the dead. I've been climbing the walls for the last three months because the snow has prevented any sort of investigation of anything, and most days I couldn't even get to the lab. Global warming? I wish.

With the UK's decline into Soviet squalor, and the impending general election, there has been nothing in the news beyond the corporeal. Nothing even to comment on.

Now the snow has pretty much gone - just a few piles of it here and there - and life should get back to normal soon. There is rain but at least rain doesn't hang around in big piles and get in the way. Temperatures are warming, almost 40F some days, and I'll be out and about soon.

Then perhaps I'll have something worth writing about.

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Southern Writer said...

Sounds like a case of cabin fever. I've had that. In the Rocky Mountains, it snows nine months out of the year.

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