Friday, March 19, 2010

Email messed up.

The Email account linked to this blog has a 10 Mb capacity which is fine most of the time - as long as I remember to clean it out periodically.

I haven't been active online very much over this winter, so the Email filled to capacity without me noticing. I only realised something was wrong when I logged in and saw a comment which Blogger hadn't notified me about.

So if you've sent me an Email and it bounced, or left a comment and you think I'm ignoring you, it's all down to a full mailbox and me being far too lax about clearing it.

Sorry about that.


Southern Writer said...

That happens to me sometimes, too. I have a mailbox that came with one of my sites, and I use it for my "professional" mail, which then gets filtered and forwarded to my "personal" mailbox. That particular mailbox is really good at catching spam and not forwarding it to me (and I didn't even have to teach it!), but I forget I have it, and forget to empty it.

Romulus Crowe said...

The part I keep forgetting is that it stores the mail I send too, and that adds to the total space used. So the inbox sometimes gets a clean, but I always forget the outbox.

heyjude said...

use gmail
it is free and gives huge space

Romulus Crowe said...

Heyjude - I have a Gmail, but keep forgetting to check it.

If I can persuade it to pick-up automatically, I'll use it more often.

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