Thursday, March 18, 2010

A good ghost movie.

Most ghost films are depressingly predictable. You know who the ghost is pretty quickly and from there, the ending is easy to work out.

Passengers is the first one in a long time to actually surprise me. It follows the survivors of a plane crash and the psychoanalyst charged with helping them. It's not even clear at the start that there's a ghost involved at all!

I wish I could go into detail but that would ruin it. A film well worth watching while you're waiting for the weather to stabilise (although if you're in the UK, the definition of 'stable' is 'you might not need your hat but best take it anyway').

Weather is warming here, the equinox approaches (March 20th) and I'm dusting off the investigation equipment. Also the gardening equipment - I usually have the clematis trimmed back to first buds by this time of year but I still have snowdrops! No sign of the daffodils at all. I'm also wondering if there are any fish left in that pond after three months frozen.

I've never seen or heard of a ghost fish. I wonder...


Regina Richards said...

Human ghosts aren't enough? Now if have to worry about ghost fish? I was camping this week and the coyotes were annoyingly active all night. They sounded eerie enough to be ghosts. Hope they weren't.

Romulus Crowe said...

The fish are indeed all dead. I've drained the pond so they'll have nowhere to haunt - and if they do, i won;t see them because I plan to remodel that part of the garden. Without a pond.

The eeriest thing in the garden is actually in next door's garden. I don't know the plant,it looks like a huge grass of some kind with broad leaves, and in a light breeze they rub together.

When it's dark and quiet, they sound like whispering. It's scared the living daylights out of more than one visitor

Regina Richards said...

Do ghost fish ned real water? And if you remodel that section of garden, could you get ghost fish swimming in the petunias?

Southern Writer said...

I saw that movie, and recall that I liked it, too. I'm surprised I didn't email you to tell you to see it. So did you ever watch Paranormal Activity?

Romulus Crowe said...

Regina - if they haunt, they'll be underground. I've decided to fill it in and expand my vegetable section. I hope they don't nibble my carrots!

SW - I haven't seen Paranormal Activity yet. It's not on DVD here as yet but I'm looking out for it.

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