Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What's this thing?

Norway has been treated to a bizarre light display. It's on YouTube here and here but the videos aren't anywhere near as impressive as the still photos. Wider lenses, people, wider lenses! Those compact things just don't capture enough light.

I admit, my first thought on seeing the photos was 'bah, computer graphics' but according to the story, that's what people actually saw.

It is nothing like any light show produced by the Aurora, it looks nothing like a UFO, it's not 'earth lights', it doesn't link at all with anything I've ever seen or heard about.

Could it be done by a ground-based laser display?

Whatever it is, I'd have liked to see it. With a proper video camera to hand!

Update: Apparently it was a failed Russian missile test. They're much more fun when they don't work.


JustPeachie said...

Over here in the US there was speculation it was a Russian test missile gone bad or something like that.

Romulus Crowe said...

That seems to have been the case. The Russians say it was a submarine test launch of a Bulava missile. They've fired 12, and 7 have failed.

You'd think they'd try a different design.

Nice display though. Let's hope all those missiles fail.

astrologybites said...

Ah, so now we know. Or I do. If it weren't for your blog, I would miss all this stuff (I rarely watch TV, even more rarely watch the news).

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