Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tales from the riverbank, abridged version.

I know this wrecks the experiment, but those pictures refused to enlarge when clicked on. They might have been too big for Blogger to play with. I hope this cut-out section will enlarge properly.

This is from photo 1 in the last post. Here's what I was looking for:

The manifestation in question involves no actual spirits. It's a replay, a recording. The ghosts will not interact because they are not ghosts in the 'dead human' sense. This sort of repeating manifestation is more like a hologrammatic TV programme which repeats, appropriately enough, at Christmas time every year.

I wasn't sure - I'm still not sure - where the original ford was located. This photo is near the marker set up by local historians. Nowadays, the shallowest part of the river is under the bridge and the part near the marker has been disrupted on both banks by construction work. If the replay depends on a recording in the ground, and if this is the site of the ford, it'll be weaker than it used to be.

So what I'm looking for are images of people crossing the river. The recording will not vary due to the new deeper riverbed. If there is an image it will be of someone crossing the river, roughly waist deep in the water. The one I think I see is faint, but severe disruption of the banks would account for that.

There are conditions. The images would be approaching the bank I'm standing on. They must be human shaped and sized. No giant faces. Ideally, they should be clear of riverside vegetation which can produce misleading shapes.

Naturally, even if everyone saw what I think I see, I'll have to go back next year to confirm it. More photos and some video next time. Even if we all see the same thing, that might still be an artefact. Since it's reported as a recording-type phenomenon it should be the same next year.

It should also fail to appear at any other time. Therefore, once the layer of ice that currently makes the local streets deadly has melted, I'll go back and take more photos which should show nothing at all.

Paranormal investigations are notoriously difficult to repeat. This kind of date-fixed phenomenon should be reproducible. We'll see. It won't prove anything concerning survival of the mind after death but it would advance the study of the non-ghostly recording phenomena.

If I can prove that and then figure out how it works, then work out how to make such recordings, I'll have all the funding I'll ever need.


Just Peachie said...

In the upper square and second square from the left of the lattice made by the fence, I see a faint human shapped pattern. But it could just be my mind seeking patterns. I do that occassionally with cloud shapes as well.

Romulus Crowe said...

JP - that's what I see too. So far I have two (not including me) who found the same and one who saw nothing.

It's enough for me to conclude that there is an image there and it looks like what I think it looks like, but not enough to say it's a ghost. For that, I'll need more photos and I'll have to wait until next year to get them.

Still, I now know where to concentrate my efforts next year so it's progress. Only a little progress, but progress nonetheless.

Next year, video.

Southern Writer said...

I'm speaking up as one who picked them out (from the first posted pictures). I'm sorry to have been so remiss at commenting here lately. Life is full odd twists & turns these days.

ver: dinger

ding ding ding This pic is a hum dinger, sure-fire winner.

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