Friday, December 18, 2009

Red Square, Grey Triangle.

A strange fuzzy grey pyramid has apparently been seen hovering over Moscow. There is a video of it here and it made Russian news.

The videos don't look faked. The one from the moving vehicle would be very hard to fake.

Yet, this is Russia which is almost as authoritarian as the UK. This thing was floating over Moscow for hours. Where are the helicopters and the jets? Why does nobody on the ground seem at all bothered by the sight of a huge pyramid rotating in the air? I can't believe any country's authorities would just ignore something like that.

So is it a fake? If it is, it's cleverly done. If it's not, why did the Russian air force ignore it?

Something just doesn't feel right about this one.


Just Peachie said...

Maybe it's just a reflection of light, from some triangular light source, on a cloud.

astrologybites said...

The one recorded at night looks very three dimensional. The Norway spiral light was pretty interesting, too.

Romulus Crowe said...

JP, it's too dark to be a light, and too three-dimensional for a reflection.

A projection, however, could do it. There's no sign of a projector beam though.

It might be some kind of advertising stunt.

Astrologybites - there's a lot of this sort of thing around at the moment. Aliens, or someone messing about?

Hard to tell.

Just Peachie said...

How long was this thing up there and when and how did it leave? Answering those questions might provide some clues. Whether it disappated over time, floated gently away, or suddenly blinked out of view might provide clues. Did anyone watch it until it was gone?

Romulus Crowe said...

Apparently it was there for hours. Now that you mention it, there seems to be no report of its arrival nor of its departure.

Just film of it while it was there and considering it was there for hours, remarkably little film has appeared.

Some digging is called for, I think.

astrologybites said...

Great observation, Peachy. Dig, Rom, dig.

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