Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's midsummer's eve. Technically, since it's 2 am here, it's midsummer's day but the sun won't be fully up for another couple of hours. I always plan to stay up all night because this is a prime night for an investigation, but it's overcast and has been raining heavily. Again. For some reason, the weather here is lousy up to midsummer and improves afterwards. Every time I've stayed up on past midsummers, all I've seen is a lightening of the clouds. Tonight I won't bother.

My Calendar of Everything tells me that the solstice happens at 5:46 GMT (that'll be 6:46 because we're on British summer time, GMT plus one hour. The sun will have risen well before then.). The solstice does not refer to a time or place on Earth, but to a time and place in space. One of two points in the Earth's orbit when it is closest to the sun - the tilt of the axis means that the northern hemisphere gets midsummer and the southern hemisphere gets midwinter. Six months from now will be midsummer in the southern hemisphere and midwinter in the north. At the equator, it makes little difference.

This year I'm just going to sleep through it. The weather makes any attempt to capitalise on the date absolutely pointless and really pretty unpleasant. So I won't get any photos to show off.

Instead, here's something to go 'wow' at.

Now that's what I call photography.


Southern Writer said...

Your weather bites. Does it ever stop raining there?

The WOW pic was awesome. I went ahead and entered the data to see all the pics, but they're all pretty much the same. The last one was from a slightly different point of view. Still, glad I got to see it.

Romulus Crowe said...

Yesterday was torrential. And cold. Today it was hot as hell. I'm glad I'm only a parnormal investigator and not a UK weather forecaster. At least I have a slim chance of being believed.

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