Thursday, June 04, 2009

Orbs In Space.

Activity in the paranormal has picked up all of a sudden. There's a lot of it about at the moment. First off, the UFOs. I'm no expert in this subject but it does appear to suffer from the same level of 'noise' as ghost research. There's just so much junk to sift through to find the real events.

NASA have released some footage taken in space that appear to show UFOs. Well, they are objects, they fly and they are unidentified so they are UFOs. That's the definition. Whether they are alien spacecraft, dust, debris or orbiting jellyfish thrown into space by a hurricane, nobody can say. They're in the news here as 'just released' but they've actually been around for years. The ones in this film look to be travelling upwards and might be some kind of craft - but if so there are a hell of a lot of them!

The cable shown in this film was used in an experiment to generate electricity. It broke loose, coiled itself up like a phone-wire and floated away - but I'll bet it was electrically charged by the time that happened. So it would attract all manner of floating bits and pieces in the same way that static electricity attracts bit of paper. The camera was unable to focus on the floating bits, and they looked, to me, like the orbs made famous by digital cameras. No, I don't think they are ghosts who hitched a ride on the space shuttle. I think they are bits of space junk. I think that way because there is no purpose to their movements. They look like bits of junk in an electrical field, not carefully controlled spacecraft.

The British government have also been letting the UFO files out. These have so far shown more about the government's obsession with secret spy planes than anything extraterrestrial. To be fair, the British government was only interested in whether the UFOs were enemy spy planes. If they weren't, they didn't investigate further.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, there's been a sighting of UFOs which look and act just like the paper lanterns with candles inside that you light and send floating into the night sky, but nobody seems to have thought of that. Even though there were twenty UFO's and the lanterns come in packs of ten...

There are still genuinely inexplicable accounts of UFOs out there, but finding them is next to impossible among the paper lanterns, hot-air ballons and dust. I sympathise with those study that subject. All that noise, all those wrong or even faked reports and photos, makes finding the real thing difficult and worse - it makes the whole subject area a target for derision.

If only there was some kind of filter.

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