Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camera 2 view.

The first attempt went well so here's another.

I stuck with MPEG 1 because really, there's nothing detailed to see, no ghosts to spot and it takes ages to load bigger, better quality files. It's just a method demonstration (and a test of whether I can defeat the computer in this video fight). Again, it's short, in three parts: daylight, night and the point at which the string died. There is a lot of background noise from the heating system which is still on to a ridiculous level, and from equipment around the lab and in the building. I'll use better sound gear to try to pick out anything important. I don't think the video camera microphones are up to the job.

Camera 1 has a light which is set to come on when it gets dark. So, it flashes at first before staying on. I left it on because it gets so dark out there at night, no camera can see properly and if they can't see, they can't focus so all you get is blurry images. Camera 2 has the facility to turn off autofocus but Camera 1 doesn't. I don't quite trust the place enough to leave the expensive cameras when I'm not there - these old ones do the job well and they cost me very little. It's an isolated building, an easy target for a bit of night larceny.

Another irritation is the loss of the old plastic floppy disk. Transferring files using USB sticks or memory cards is, admittedly, handy because they take up little space and hold loads of data. It's just that you can't find any when you want one! I know there are loads of them around but I still had to open a new packet to transfer these.

The computer I use for photos and video is separate from this one, off the internet and with all the memory-clogging stuff removed. Offline, it doesn't need antivirus and firewalls getting in the way so even though it's a few years old it can handle video very well. It does mean I need to find some way to keep track of those USB sticks and memory cards though.

Now, the big question - are these videos causing download problems? If not, I'll try better quality settings. Blogger allows up to 100 Mb videos, these are about 10Mb. Or, I could put them on YouTube and just link to them.

Any preferences?


Southern Writer said...

Your office is a lot neater than mine.

What's the purpose of the little light that flashes on to the right at 00:30:05 and 03:32:34?

I think the editing worked very well and the video is clear enough. I've never used Blogger to load a video. Does it allow you to see the code so that you can adjust the height and width? It could be a little bigger. I know when I put YouTube vids on my blog, there were two places in the code that I had to adjust to make it the size I wanted. All in all, I think this worked well.

Romulus Crowe said...

The little light is a piece of equipment for the 'day job' that's paying for me to do the non-profit ghosthunting ;)

I'll play around with the settings now that I can get the videos in. There might be a way to change the size, or maybe link to a video in a bigger format.

Oh, and I found something better than SD cards and USB sticks. A 250 GB hard drive that's USB powered, and is small enough to fit in a pocket but big enough that it's not easily misplaced. It holds masses of stuff. It's plug-in-and-go too, no installation to fiddle with.

The downside is that if I lose that, I could lose a heck of a lot!

Not to worry. I'm paranoid enough to have DVD copies too.

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