Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More deep sea weirdness.

I can't describe this thing. It makes the Yeti seem ordinary.

You'd have to see it for yourself.


Southern Writer said...

That's so cool. But I have to come back to it because I have to go to work now.

ver: culla

What culla is that fish?

Southern Writer said...

Whew. I finally made it back, a little later than I hoped. That is one funny looking fish, but totally fascinating. Where is its little brain?

You must be busy in your new lab because you didn't post today. Here's wishing you great discoveries.

Romulus Crowe said...


Yes, the lab is coming along slowly. I'm putting in a new floor at the moment and I can start moving equipment in this week. It looks like a lab rather than a disused shed now. It's taking time but the original terrible condition did mean I rented it very cheaply.

I'll put up some photos when it's done.

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