Monday, February 02, 2009

The evidence of your own eyes.

'I'll believe it when I see it' is a phrase I hear a lot. Well, I've seen photos of orbs and rods and I don't believe they are supernatural so why should I expect anyone else to believe what I tell them? It's only fair.

Although, even showing them pictures won't convince them. They'll just mutter 'Pixellation' or 'Trick of the light' or if they want a scientific-sounding put-down. 'Pareidolia'.

Perception is everything. The reason I never put up a photo and point out what I think might be an image of a ghost is because my perception might differ from someone else's. In cases of real pareidolia, that's what happens. Individual perception picks out an image but nobody else's perception does. If the image is pointed out, almost anyone can see the form you're seeing. Perception, however, is not a reliable tool, especially when looking at a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional object.

I don't have an original credit for the following pictures, they were sent to me in an Email with no credits so if you know who took them, let me know. No ghost here, this is just a bit of fun with perception.

Overtaking that might be tricky, don't you think?

Concentrate on the road, not on the floating boxes!


None of those are real, naturally. They might exist as paintings on the trailers but if they do, they'll only look right from one angle. Just as you're passing them. They might just be Photoshopped images, but either way, they are effective at fooling the eye. I really hope those trucks exist somewhere. I'd like to see them in real life one day.

Don't be too certain that what you see of the world around you is the One True Image of Reality. If you believe absolutely that what your eyes tell you is always the absolute truth, you're going to be disappointed one day.

In the meantime, you're missing a lot. There's a lot more to the world than the narrow range of the visible spectrum, and our eyes can't tell us about any of it.

There are other senses than sight, and other forms of experience beyond the narrow range of the fixed reality we experience. Our senses can't actually detect all that much, and what they do tell us isn't always correct.

And no, I'm not on drugs and never have been (apart from whisky). I just don't believe in accepting the limits declared by others, because those limits are arbitrary and based on one individual's experience.

We can record sound and vision, we cannot record taste, smell or touch. No real record of any entire experience can therefore exist, so no definition of what constitutes a standard level of experience can be formulated. Maybe there isn't one. Maybe every person's experience of this reality is different.

In which case, there can be no limits.

Keep that mind open.


Southern Writer said...

The trucks are Photoshopped. Did you notice they're all in exactly the same place on the road?

One of my favorite things about your ghost pics is learning that we see the same things. To me, that means they're really there.

Romulus Crowe said...

Unfortunately, I realised that the absence of any door-opening mechanisms on the back of the trucks means they must be photoshopped. They might all be the same truck, or different ones photographed at the same place, but they are photoshop decorations.

They could be done, perhaps by one of those pavement artists who draw the three-dimensional illusions. Maybe one of them will, one day.

Yes, it's good that we see the same things in those images. The ones we both see are far more likely to be real that the ones I see but you don't, and vice versa.

We're still suffering under the global-warming snow here but I hope to have a few new images soon.

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