Monday, February 09, 2009

Cartoon outrage.

A while back, a Danish paper ran cartoons that the Muslims regarded as insulting to their faith. They were outraged about this, while the non-Muslims generally wondered what all the fuss was about. At that time, I recall atheists crowing that it couldn't be an insult because there was no God.

In the UK, atheists recently paid a large amount of money to buy advertising space on buses for their 'there's probably no God' campaign. Christian groups are now buying space for an 'Oh yes there is' campaign. Does all that strike anyone else as something similar to those playground shouting matches?

As a non-believer myself, I have often marvelled at the way atheism seems to be forming a religious basis of its own. Dawkins, the Archbishop of Atheism, is seen as infallible in exactly the same way that catholicism regards the Pope as infallible. Atheists have meetings to discuss things they don't believe exist. They place ads on buses to promote their position. They brook no dissent and allow no discussion of the merest possibility they might be wrong. These are Fundamentalist Atheists and are no different to the fundamentalists in any religion you care to name.

Now, someone has produced a cartoon that mocks Dawkins and how do his congregation react? Like the Muslims offended at the cartoons that mocked them, the Atheists are outraged and incensed. How dare anyone mock the Prophet Dawkins? How dare anyone question the writings in his Holy Books?

Fundamentalist religions regard themselves as the One Truth and their word cannot be questioned.

Science, real science, regards its knowledge as the Most Likely to be True based on Observations Made So Far. Everything is questioned, all the time.

Yet these fundamentalist atheists call themselves scientists. They are not.

Atheism has just become officially a religion. So I'm not going to call myself one. I'm a Romulus, a belief system that has no members and no supporters. No meetings, no singing non-hymns, no conversions and no advertising.

I'm a 'don't care'. I suspect I always will be.


Southern Writer said...

We're all going to end up the same, regardless.

I swear, you have the most uncanny verification words. Have you found a way to choose them, or something? This one is


Romulus Crowe said...

I've noticed the word verifications are more like real words these days. Sometimes they even relate to the post!

I don't know how it's done, but it's entertaining.

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