Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This can't be good for me.

I haven't been here much lately because I'm working on a recorders and microphones section for the second edition of 'ghosthunting', and I'm trying not to get into excessive detail. Well, okay, I already did. I'm trying to make it less boring which is hard because the detail doesn't bore me.

I have, while working on this, just been scared half to death.

MySpace (I have a page there but haven't looked in for months) just sent out an Email headed
"Hi Romulus Crowe, have our photographers spotted you yet?" (I added the comma. The senders don't seem to know what they are).


I know about Google Earth and their mission to photograph everyone and everything. I have already ducked one of their camera cars. I had no idea MySpace were in on this too.

Fortunately it was a false alarm. They are 'catching the hottest people at hotter parties' and since I am no friend of either heat or parties, it is unlikely they'll happen across me.

...on the other hand, it now occurs to me that I should be on film so that someone, sometime, will be able to verify that my ghost is really me, someday. I'm going to have to think about that. I'm not used to being in front of the camera.

So. What's a 'smile' again?


heyjude said...

So did myspace have you? if so where can we see your photo. good idea for some of us to have a copy so we can verify - ahhhh well I'm older than you so maybe we need to revesr that. you can see mine on facebook.

ver: revele so maybe you should revel in it! grins

Romulus Crowe said...

No, I'm not on the net anywhere. I'll try some photos and see if I can get one that's halfway presentable.

I'm not promising a smile.

Southern Writer said...

I asked you for one a long time ago, but funny that it never occurred to me that I would need to recognize your ghost. I always assumed I would know it was you.

ver: crowe


Romulus Crowe said...

I haven't worked up the nerve yet. It feels like having a gun pointed at me.

If you get a ghost who says things like 'I went to all that trouble to give up smoking but died just the same and now I can't smoke even though it can't do any harm and don't you have any decent Scotch?'

...that'll be me. One thing is certain - death is going to annoy me.

If I don't get a photo done in time, I'll be the one rattling the whisky bottle. If I can't drink it, I might be able to smell it - although now I think of it, no ghost report ever mentions a ghost asking 'what's that smell?' They can see and hear and there's evidence they can sometimes touch, but can a ghost identify a smell? I wonder.

I'll try again but the camera feels like it's the wrong way round.

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