Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas visitor.

Interesting this should show up today, of all days.

I hold no special Christmas feeling here, because this date for the birth of Christ was set by the early Church to overlay the old Pagan religious ceremonies linked to the winter solstice and the lengthening of daylight hours afterwards. It isn't actually Christ's birthday.

Nonetheless, a hospital monitor seemed to show an angelic vision just before a girl, who was due to be taken off her ventilator and allowed to die, made an astonishing recovery.

I think it's just sunlight, based on the reflection in the floor which makes clear that the light is on the wall, not in front of it. Note that the corner set into that wall does not reflect so brightly in the floor.

All the same, the girl recovered so whether it was an angel or not, she and her family certainly had a happier Christmas than they expected.

Which makes a nice change from all the Christmas-Eve murders I've been reading about today.

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Southern Writer said...

Hm. I don't know what to make of this one. I don't think the reflection on the floor matches the bright light above it, and for it to be sunlight, I'd like to see the shaft coming from a window. But would I say it's an angel? I'm not convinced, although stranger things have happened.

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