Wednesday, January 09, 2008

PC-free zone.

I've spent a long time looking through films and photos and...nothing. No Jacobite soldiers. That investigation was a dud. Well, most of them are so it's not a huge surprise. I can always try that spot again next year.

I was cheered up by this report though - perhaps the lunacy of the politically correct is finally being challenged? I hope so, and I hope to see more of this sort of thing.

Not because it means that offices, pubs and restaurants will become smoky places again. As a smoker, I prefer to eat in a smoke-free environment and although I do like a whisky and a cigar afterwards, I'm perfectly willing to do that in another room, or even outside. I don't work in an office now but when I did, we smokers were expected to go outside, and only during regular breaks. No problem.

It's because this employer is taking a stand against pressure from a minority - in this case, the non-smokers in his employment - and refusing to bow down to PC demands.

No doubt he's going to get a lot of hassle from people who don't work in the place, and never would, but I hope he stands his ground.

An example to us all.


Dr. Brainiac said...

Almost makes me want to take up smoking again just to piss them off.

Southern Writer said...

Love it. That's funny!

Romulus Crowe said...

Dr. B - if you've managed to stop, don't start again! I've tried stopping, and started again each time. Some of those times were a direct result of some pompous arse coming out with a patronising 'Oh, well done. You must be so proud of yourself'. It's the tone, not the words, that grate your nerves. I won't be a chalkmark on their scoreboard.

SW - there's more of this kind of thing happening now. We might soon see the heads of the politically correct impaled on Traitor's Gate, just like in the old days.

Ah, it's good to dream.

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