Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When psychology goes bad.

This story is horrific. Its message is not confined to any one place or time, but it is part of an overall group mentality that wrongly convicts adults and damages children in terrible ways.

I poke fun at the politically correct, but they are in fact a serious and dangerous threat. Their rose-tinted view of the world is darkening to the colour of blood by the day.

In today's news, we are told that the government is concerned about Islamic terrorists warping the minds of college students. Psychologically, those minds are open to learning. It's why they're in college, and why most of them do well. Terrorists down the ages, of all types, have exploited the open minds of college students to their own advantage. The politically correct do the same. The politically correct are concerned that the government proposal 'targets muslims'. Well, where would you look for Islamic terrorists? In the chess club? The politically correct are more concerned that their own influence might be affected by this new proposal. They are not interested in rights, only in control.

I once worked with an Irish researcher. While here, he lived near the airport and because he was into exercise, he walked the perimeter of the airport several times a week. He took this route because it gave him no option to take an easy route back. Once on the route, there were no short cuts. He was frequently stopped by the police and questioned because he had an Irish accent. The guy had a doctorate and absolutely no interest in the activities of the IRA. Unfair? Of course it was. Yet it was understandable, since the IRA were the biggest threat at the time. He understood and shrugged it off. All he did about it was to be sure he carried identification when he took his walks. Eventually the police came to know him and left him alone.

Where were the 'Irish rights' brigades? There were none. The Irish didn't rampage through the streets and scream about victimisation. They got on with life. Could that be because the politically correct weren't there to stir them up?

College students are open to learning. What they learn, however, is up to those who teach them and who are responsible for them while they are in college. Political correctness should not be part of that curriculum. Students should be taught facts, not taught what to think.

I'm going to take political correctness more seriously in future. They use insidious psychological techniques, and they are the single greatest threat this world now faces.

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tom sheepandgoats said...

When airports here started thorough searching of passengers, they couldn't do everyone for lack of time. So they made sure to choose a random sample of people, so as not to profile anyone. Thus, a little old lady was as likely to be searched as one fitting the description of prior terrorists.

On one occasion it did work out for the best, however. They confiscated the knitting needles of one little old lady when they learned she was planning to knit an Afghan!


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