Sunday, August 14, 2011

The most pointless thing in the world.

There are many toys and models based on film characters and old comic book heroes and villians. I don't have any because I'm too old and too uninterested.

I have a friend's birthday approaching so I was looking for something inconsequential and generally just fun as a present, and happened across the most pointless item that has ever been on sale.

It's a little slab of black plastic. It's a 'model' of the black slab from '2001: A Space Idiocy' and it does... nothing at all. Not a thing. It's a slab. That's it. An extraordinarily expensive lump of plastic in a packet.

For the price, I'd at least expect to see stars inside it.

What would make an interesting study for me is this - is anyone really stupid enough to buy it?


tom sheepandgoats said...

Danger, Romulus Crowe, danger! Appearances may be deceiving.

Don't get too close to that sucker. You may be sucked across the cosmos, just like in the movie.

If it lets out an ear piercing shriek, I advise you put down any dinosaur bones you may be holding, bury the silly thing, and walk away.

Regina Richards said...

To quote P.T. Barnum: "There's a sucker born every minute."

Romulus Crowe said...

Free travel, Tom? Our government would ban it at once!

Romulus Crowe said...

Regina, we seem to have more than our share of them here.

Even those rioting, looting feral children chose targets such as supermarkets, cheap clothes sellers and even the 'pound shop' (where everything costs £1).

I mean, if you're going on a rampage that might land you in prison, surely you'd want to grab some expensive gear?

It says something about these kids, I think, that shops such as Waterstones were completely untouched. Books are like Kryptonite to them.

Dr Dan Holdsworth said...

Regina, Phineas Taylor Barnum did NOT ever utter that quotation; it was instead spoken by a rival of his, in response to people flocking to see a surreptitiously-created copy of the fake Cardiff Giant that this other promoter of hokum had tried to sell to Barnum.

As this man observed, there are indeed a great many suckers born, and some of them have way more money than sense. An example would be the poor schmo who bought a piece from the Museum of Non-Visible Art for $10 000.

Said lackwit bought a small descriptive plaque, which elaborates the general appearance of the sadly invisible art work.

Romulus Crowe said...

$10,000 for invisible art?

No doubt sold to someone who would insist that the paranormal is a scam.

Regina Richards said...

Lol, Dr. Dan. :) Invisible art. I make tons of that some days and tell people I'm writing a novel.

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